Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yellow Fog?

This morning the Fukushima plant is enveloped in a grainy, yellow fog.

I've never seen the screen yellow before. 

People posting at Enenews this morning stated that they saw units 3 and 4 completely "blackened" when the fog cleared. Someone mentioned that 4 looked as if it had no floors left and another person said they saw fire at 4. I just don't know but the yellow fog is a completely new phenomenon at Dai-ichi and is bound to be bad.

I have a guest post this morning.


Dear Friends:

Important notes on Wednesday May 2, 2012. Please circulate wide and far.
        Obama scurries on a secret trip to Kabul to deliver a speech in an election year as a not-so-subtle reminder he was in charge when Osama Bin Laden was killed last year.

        He spoke of reaching out to the Taliban as allies. These new “American friends” are the same Islamic nutcase guys who blew up ancient statues in 2001 that were the world's two largest standing Buddhas - one of them 165 feet high. With friends like these who needs enemies!

        Yet he has no comments about Japan's crippled and leaking nuclear plants other than to say the ocean is vast and we do not expect radiation to reach America? He left with his family for the safety of Brazil along with 51-carloads of his buddies and family members shortly after that speech in March 2011.

·        As they relaxed in the southern Hemisphere we experienced the largest toxic nuclear plume in the atmosphere since the 1966 Chinese atomic bomb test blast at Christmas. Must be nice to have jet planes to flee toxic clouds. But they did have to return to America.

·        Unfortunately the fallout blowing to America from Fukushima Daiichi is not a one-time event. It has continued spewing into the Jetstream every day since March 11, 2011 when the nuclear megaplex in Japan experienced a massive earthquake. Mark it down in your memories since the American censored mass media press will not tell you of its significance. The event is 311 (March 11, 2011).   

·        BTW…the tsunami did not destroy the nuclear reactors..that is an American and Japanese lie. The earthquake had already destroyed the integrity of the buildings. If they didn’t stress the tsunami as the cause they would have to retrofit virtually all other nuclear reactors in the world as all of them are accidents waiting to happen during an earthquake.

·        The nuclear industry blames Japan’s disaster on the tsunami because they are rare and we surely don’t have a big tsunami threat in most inland nuclear power plant location. But we now know secret information that the plants internal and external features were ruptured by the earthquake…things moved laterally 6 feet and critical pipes and equipment were destroyed beyond repair. The nuclear reactors were in a death spiral long before the wave hit an hour later.

311 is a date in time that will make 911 look like a tiny footnote in history. 3,000 victims died at the Twin Towers. The death toll from Fukushima Daiichi will be much greater and victims will be dying for centuries. Many Japanese workers and civilians have already died from radiation, but the cause of their deaths have been suppressed by the government-run media in Japan and America. Bodies of plant workers have been secretly buried in lead coffins. The cover-up is beginning to fall apart as the crisis has worsened and is soon approaching the 14-month anniversary 

Fact: The December 2011 announcement of a “cold shutdown” of the reactors is a huge lie by the Japanese authorities.

Truth: They are pouring billions of gallons of water onto the crippled buildings in an attempt to forestall more nuclear explosions. This water method is nicknamed “feed and bleed”. As the water bleeds out of the buildings and cracks in the earth this cooling water becomes highly contaminated with radiation. That toxic water then flows into the Pacific Ocean 100 yards from the reactor cores.

This poisonous water is affecting migratory salmon, tuna, and other fish that live off Japan’s coast and swim during the summer to the North American west coast. American and Canadian fisheries are NOT checking fish for radiation contamination. Your tuna fish sandwich may be a death trap for you and your family members. Eating a highly toxic fish probably won’t kill you immediately, but a slow cancerous death 1 to up to 40 years later is quite possible. Contrary to your government scientists….there is no safe level of manmade radiation. Small amounts of radiation bioaccumulate in your body and become a danger so over time things will get worse.

The Japanese authorities have virtually no control of the toxic radioactive emissions coming out of Japan’s crippled nuclear megaplex, and with six huge working reactors before the crisis began it is quite possibly the largest nuclear plant in the world. Top ten for sure out of 450 worldwide nuclear power plants.

Unlike the Russian who devoted 800,000 workers to stop Chernobyl…the Japanese have hired less than 5,000 workers and on any given day fewer than 150 workers are actually onsite at the plant trying to stop the runaway nuclear cores. It is an affront to mankind that such a feeble effort has been mounted by the Japanese who seem quite content to spend as little money as possible to halt this danger to mankind.

Take for example this China Syndrome event from six hours ago:

That is the plant webcam on time lapse photography…the 3 minute clip covers 1 hour of observation.

Folks…that is NOT FOG! That is the emissions from burning nuclear fuel rods and it is burning into the Jetstream highly dangerous cesium, plutonium, strontium, uranium, and 1,600 other toxic byproducts of three huge nuclear cores that are smoldering down in the ground. 

These cores of nuclear lava are called corium and they are the size of school buses. Can such a small island drastically affect America and the world with these emissions? The answer is yes. The Jetstream carries the toxins easily around the world and continues to circle the earth over time again and again, never descending until rain or snow brings some down. The bleedover fallout effect is now beginning to affect Australia and the southern hemisphere much faster than scientists originally believe would happen. Some areas of Australia have recorded high radiation levels despite no nuclear reactors on their island continent. This is truly an On the Beach scenario unfolding on the entire planet. Europe and Asia is as much as risk. Southern Chile may be one of the last safe places on earth…for awhile. There is no escaping bioaccumulation.

When these huge plumes in the atmosphere encounter rain or snow then some of these emissions are carried down to the earth and contaminate land, water sources, and of course humans.

You better use an umbrella in the rain for the rest of your life! Install and replace HEPA filters in your air conditioners at home. The cheap fiberglass filters will not save you. We are facing a new age…The Fallout Age.  

This Japanese fallout is far worse than the atmospheric testing of ALL the atomic bombs that were ever exploded on earth from 1945 to 1997 by America and all the other nuclear powers. The nuclear cabal has promoted the idea that Fukushima is 10% of what happened at Chernobyl in 1986. They are damn liars trying to avert economic panic!

Chernobyl pales in comparison to Fukushima. Chernobyl burned for 11 days and one reactor was involved. It was not on an ocean shoreline.

Fukushima Daiichi has 6 huge reactors compared to the tiny one at Chernobyl and also has massive amounts of used fuel rods in storage. These rods are highly radioactive for the next 10,000 years! They cannot remove them as most have melted into masses of metal that are so radioactive there does not exist a technology to defuse their threat.

Reactors 2 and 3 are especially hot and practically unapproachable by human workers except for just a few seconds at a time. Reactor 4 is the one that represents the Sword of Damocles for the human race as its spent fuel pond is massive, sits precariously in a building that is one more earthquake away from total collapse. 

The collapse of Building 4 will be disastrous as the fuel rods spill on the ground, catch fire and become too hot to cool by humans using water cannons. The workers will be forced to flee the entire island if this happens and the other reactors 5 and 6 will experience a meltdown, as well as the huge building containing the massive Common Spent Fuel Rod pond. Add them all up and they have 85 times the radiation released by Chernobyl.

If they all blow at Daiichi then the sister nuclear plant Fukushima Daiini which is 10 miles away will also be lost because of the massive radiation fallout making work there also impossible. Two huge plants unleashing all of their radiation in a massive Fallout Age could well mean a crisis for the world  with human destruction that has never been seen since the Ice Age. It is also possible with two plants lost Japan may lose all their power grid and some of the other 50 reactors will lose cooling and catch fire. A nuclear domino theory that becomes more possible every day as Daiichi continues to burn.

G.E's handpicked president Barack Obama may have the dubious distinction to go down in history as the US president who not only lost another foreign war, but also as the American president who sat on the sidelines while the Northern Hemisphere countries descended into the grim miasma of The Fallout Age.

Nobel Peace prize winner…nuclear cabal lackey. I have little doubt which description will follow him into history after Japan and America disintegrates into chaos. He will toe the GE line as long as possible and we will all suffer the results.

Yes, the radioactive gas at Fukushima Daiichi as the Japanese call this “gas”  (also known to observers as a China Syndrome of three runaway and out of control nuclear cores in the ground) is ramping up again tonight in Japan.

Get ready for a wave of bad stuff in America the next 4-10 days per the Jetstream and slower lower air currents.

I felt and smelled the Mitsui fire chemicals swirl through here yesterday… on April 21 there was a very large industrial fire in southern Japan:

That plume of toxic smoke blew through west Texas yesterday. It is a bad twist of fate we are getting “bombed” by the same folks we defeated in 1945.

As we say in our survivalist circles…have you bought your water yet? Emergency supplies will get scarce if the Unit 4 nuclear building collapses at Fukushima Daiichi and the plant is abandoned by Japanese workers. If that happens the Northern Hemisphere will be in dire trouble with a huge fallout cloud encircling the earth on the prevailing winds of the Jetstream. We are on the same parallel of latitude as Japan and 5,000 miles to California takes about 30 hours in the Jetstream to bring toxic fallout.

We have already received great amounts of radioactive poisons from the 13-month old crisis, mainly on the west coast, but the Obama administration has issued a censorship order on any news of radiation in American soil. General Electric owns 95% of all the media outlets in America and they hand-picked Illinois native Barack Hussein Obama to be their nuclear cheerleader.

But if you think Mitt Romney is any better…he also has financial support from GE.

The military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned about is more dangerous than ever. The monster companies have their hooks in virtually every politician in the United States. Trust no one…only your family and friends.

You will be best served to look for news of the Japanese nuclear crisis here:

Take care,

A Friend


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