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Conversation About What is Going On At Fukushima

I am going to post some thoughts and conversations about what is going on at Fukushima. This conversation occurred at Enenews. I've edited it a bit to allow it to stand on its own intelligibly.

May 16, 2012 at 11:54 am • Reply
Reactor 4 does not look like that anymore, in my opinion.
See it here covered with black goo.
The area where the spent fuel pool was seems to have collapsed into goo.
Of course, that is just my non-expert interpretation…

    May 16, 2012 at 1:31 pm • Reply

    Majia, the video you link to shows several workers there. I thought the assumption by most people, including experts like Arnie Gundersen, was that if the SFP4 were to collapse, the entire site (and Japan) would need to be evacuated.

    Are you saying you believe the pool has collapsed, but people are still there?

    Or are you just stating what you observe in the video, that it "looks" like its collapsed, but you are not sure?   Just curious to hear your thoughts on this for clarification. Thanks!

Majia to What About the Kids
I understand your confusion.

The only explanation that makes sense to me is this:

[warning this is CONJECTURE]  The recent picture of R4 may not be that recent, but I believe it is after a major (bad) event at R4.

I wonder whether the industrial light that was installed last fall (wish I could remember when) was a cover for a burning #4.

Late Nov and throughout Dec, we in the US southwest had MAJOR beta and gamma spikes in AZ and valley cities in CA, according to EPA Radnet.

[I made too much noise and they stopped reporting accurately: my opinion; or, the jet stream has been mostly north of us).

At any rate, I think something really bad happened last fall and it may very well have been #4.

So, it’s possible the picture was taken in Feb when the fire stopped or they contained it with goo before the current conditions evolved.

[Or it is possible workers were briefly staged or photo-shopped in]

But I don’t think there are many workers there now.

I think all hell is breaking out at the plant currently.

As you know, there have been very overt smoke/steam eruptions and flashes of intense light recently.

The plant has been bathed in an orange light and it has been shrouded in yellow fog.

No, I don't think there are many people there at all, perhaps none.

As I've mentioned before, I think the noise about spfp4 might in fact be a coded warning to the world that it has already happened and the plant is out of control.

It is possible that the much of the plant has been mostly uninhabited since March 2011, with only intermittent human activities in the immediate area of the reactors.

We know the cranes are remotely operated.

Maybe Tepco has staged most of the routine looking photos?

After watching the plant for over a year, I’ve seen captures of workers only a few times and they never look like the industrious, but relaxed workers in Tepco press releases.

Maybe Tepco just decided to “play” the people making the noise by releasing the recent images of workers by 4? “Oh yes,” Tepco implies with the photo, “spfp 4 remains a terrible threat but we have so far contained it…” grin, grin.

Only problem is the building looks destroyed and is covered in black goo.
Only problem is that currently Tepco and JNN-TBS webcams show that all hell is breaking out there now. I can see it. I can feel it.

Those strange flashes of light that are intensely powerful don’t look good to me. That yellow fog? Yikes. And then the orange glow. Woah! Plus lots of foggy steam and smoke erupting from the reactors on a more routine basis.

[Just my opinion.]

If I’m correct, there will be NO hiding this.

The recent propaganda about mice exposure to gamma radiation is alarming in this respect.

People who know what is going on are desperately trying to shape our attitudes now about the safety of radiation fallout.

They are even engaging in overtly erroneous extrapolations designed purely for the purposes of swaying public opinion....

                May 16, 2012 at 7:48 pm · Reply
                Thanks, Majia. I do remember those spikes in late Nov. and Dec. Unfortunately, that was the time I was traveling by air quite a few times (to S. CA and the East Coast.) I could feel the radiation effects, my tongue tingling quite a bit, exhaustion, etc.
                Then, the outbreak of the virulent respiratory illnesses and pneumonia followed in family and friends in late Winter/early Spring, and the stomach problems you've mentioned.

                The huge worklight suddenly appearing is definitely suspect. Every time I'd see it in videos subsequently, I could see a tall stream of emissions spiking up above it, which obviously emanated from behind/below where the light had been placed.
                So I think your suspicions about an out of control fire or recriticalities in the SFP4 there
may be correct. I don't believe the entire thing needs to necessarily "collapse" to do harm via intermittent or ongoing fires. It just may spread out that harm over a longer period of time.

                I hope our conjecture is completely wrong and we are just overly concerned after having watched this entire Kafkaesque nightmare unfold for the past 14 months.

                It sure would be nice to get some concrete answers, one way or another.

Fireguy Jeff
Some math….

Assuming 500 pounds of Pu in SFP4 got aerosolized
Using 454 grams per pound (never mind the mixed metric vs English system units) comes out to 227 thousand grams.

With the idea that a microgram (Dr Helen Caldicott) of ingested Pu will cause cancer (death implied) that is one million deaths per gram.

So SFP4 aerosolized could take out 227 billion people, or about 32 times the Earth's present population (7 billion as of March 2012).

32 is a bit off from thousands of times.

Yet my point here is all too similar to concerning ones self with how big the truck was that hit you and killed you.

A pound of Pu would have been a big problem.

An ounce of Pu would have been a big problem.

A gram of Pu would have been a big problem.

Maybe all of this is simply a deeply ironic case of natural selection…..

The species that figures out the nuclear effect and does not implement it gets to continue on, and the one that implements nuclear self exterminates.

Bobby1May 16, 2012 at 1:48 pm Log in to Reply

You could look at it as a selection technique built into the universe itself. Any species good and wise enough to avoid the nuclear effect goes on to bigger and better things, and any species that succumbs to the nuclear effect becomes extinct. A protection mechanism. Why would advanced beings want a species stupid enough to embrace nuclear to be rocketing around the galaxy?

-------------END DISCUSSION----------------------------------------

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