Saturday, April 14, 2012

Monsanto News: Poster Child for Evil Corporations

Monsanto threatening to sue the state of Vermont on labeling GMOs

[excerpted] "Vermont, U.S.A. wants to regulate labeling of foods which contain GMO products, but Monsanto has threatened to sue the entire state if they do so....

...The bill has been named H-722, "VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act".  

...However, Monsanto, the biotech giant of seed production said that should this bill pass, the corporation will sue the entire state of Vermont."

[end quote]

Argentinian Farmers Suing Monsanto for 'Poisoning'By Anne Sewell, Digital Journal
13 April 12 

[excerpt] "Monsanto is once again in the news. This time they and other corporations are being sued for allegedly "knowingly poisoning farmers" in Argentina.
Farmers from Argentina allege agri-giant Monsanto, together with Philip Morris and other U.S. tobacco companies, asked them to use chemicals on their crops. Said chemicals have allegedly caused "devastating birth defects."
The farmers say the corporations were aware of the implications but have failed to sufficiently warn farmers.
The corporations thus were driven "by a desire for unwarranted economic gain and profit," farmers say.
The suit was filed this week at New Castle County Court, Delaware and Monsanto, Philip Morris Cos, Philip Morris USA, Carolina Leaf Tobacco, Universal Corporation and others are said to have "wrongfully caused the parental and infant plaintiffs to be exposed to those chemicals and substances which they both knew, or should have known, would cause the infant offspring of the parental plaintiffs to be born with devastating birth defects."

MAJIA HERE: Monsanto monopolizes seventy percent of the transgenic corn market and more than eighty percent of the transgenic soybean market.

National Family Farm Coalition. “Food, Inc. and Fresh: Facts and Solutions Needed to Fix the Food System.” NFFC.Net (no date):

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