Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Anecodotal Data on Stomach Problems

Yesterday three separate people described going to the doctor over the last week for INEXPLICABLE STOMACH PAINS AND GI SYMPTOMS.

One of these people was a colleague, another was a student, and a third was my son's friend.

The various doctors-- including an gastroenterologist -- were unable to find the source of the symptoms.

My husband and I have also had stomach pains and other symptoms over the last 2 weeks. Fatigue and headache are also present.

These are extremely general symptoms. They may be symptoms of a hard-to-diagnose flu, or there could be an outbreak of food poisoning that hasn't yet been documented.

I hope that these inexplicable symptoms are explained by the routine causes above.

I hope they have nothing to do with the radionuclides that are accumulating in our food, as documented by UC Berkeley's recent analysis of rising Cesium levels in California milk.

I hope they have nothing to do with the public outcry recently about the status of unit 4's spent fuel pool (see my blog and

My data are purely anecdotal and no conclusions can be drawn at this point. 

I do think, however, that we need to monitor symptoms of illness because if Fukushima does become life threatening for people outside of Japan, we will only come to that awareness through our own, grassroots, efforts at documentation.

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