Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gunderson on Radio EcoShock

Alex Smith's interview with Arnie Gunderson is definitely of value. 

A few comments [paraphrased]:
Arnie Gunderson states in this interview that the status of unit 3 spent fuel pool is WORSE than spent fuel pool 4...

He states that unit 2 is in the best condition and at 73 sieverts an hour, it is too hot to approach closely.

Most of this, Arnie states, is coming from Cesium.

Arnie also discussed what would happen in the event of a spent fuel pool fire at Fukushima.

When pressed to discuss the implications for North America, Arnie states that even in the absence of an explosion, a fire in a spent fuel pool at Fukushima would be so hot that the radionuclides from the fire would be pushed up miles and enter the jet stream, threatening the Pacific coast (and any other area under the jet stream).

Majia Here: Fukushima is a Global Problem, We Need Global Cooperation to Solve It!

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