Sunday, April 29, 2012

2013 Solar Maximum

Solar Storms Building Toward Peak in 2013, NASA Predicts by Clara Moskowitz, Assistant Managing EditorDate: 09 August 2011 Time: 05:06 PM ET

[excerpted] "Solar flares like the huge one that erupted on the sun early today (Aug. 9) will only become more common as our sun nears its maximum level of activity in 2013, scientists say.

Tuesday's flare was the most powerful sun storm since 2006, and was rated an X6.9 on the three-class scale for solar storms (X-Class is strongest, with M-Class in the middle and C-Class being the weakest).

Flares such as this one could become the norm soon, though, as our sun's 11-year cycle of magnetic activity ramps up, scientists explained. The sun is just coming out of a lull, and scientists expect the next peak of activity in 2013. The current cycle, called Solar Cycle 24, began in 2008...." [end quote]
Majia here: The problem with the heightened solar activity is the possibility that a large flare will hit earth directly and compromise sensitive electronics, leading to widespread power outages.

Were such an event to occur we might see nuclear plant meltdowns across the globe.

This could cause an extinction event for humans (if we haven't yet sealed that fate).

Thank you Craig for the link.

To read more about the contemporary dangers of the Carrington effect see the links below:


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