Sunday, March 18, 2012


People from Fukushima 'no-return zones' to be paid 6 million yen

[excerpted] "Former inhabitants of “no-return zones” around the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant should be paid lump sums of 6 million yen ($72,000) each, the government’s panel on nuclear compensation has recommended..."

Majia Here: People from the "no residence zones" with annual radiation (from external exposure) doses of 20-50 millisieverts are each being offered 2.4 million yen, for a 2 year evacuation!

"People from the third most seriously affected category—the "zones being prepared for the lifting of the evacuation order," with annual doses of 20 millisieverts or less—will receive 100,000 yen per month per head."

Majia Here: Unbelievable. Life, health, and human well-being are obviously quite cheap in this calculi of value. 

How are evacuated people expected to afford new places to live? How are they going to support themselves? 

Americans, Canadians and others better pay close attention because they too will suffer corporate externalities when a disaster impacts them

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