Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cesium Tricks Life with Potassium Disguise?

Noah wrote at Enenews March 14 at 8:06 p.m. in response to the article:

Enenews: "Nuclear Insider: Surprise at how much cesium is moving through environment — Crops with no direct contact to Fukushima fallout still highly contaminated (VIDEO)"

Noah writes: The permanent nature of Cesium-134 & C-137 contamination:
The enduring presence of C-134 & C-137 in soil and vegetation continues to astound me. (For-example: the Ukraine and Bikini Atoll) The re-contamination of new growth on tea bushes confirms the principle of internal bio-accumulation of Cesium within the living organism and enduring persistence within the soil.

This is helpful in confirming my theory, that once contaminated the living Eco-system tenaciously holds on to the potassium mimic Cesium, because it bio chemically assumes it to be just that, potassium. Potassium which is essential to life.

The Devilish creation of radioactive Cesium is a monstrous creation. It uses the love (affinity) that living things have for potassium and uses that love to kill it.

It sets living things against itself. Life's biological imperative to stay alive, by acquiring life sustaining potassium, drives it to accumulate as much radioactive cesium as it can gather!

Consider the sunflower plant, seaweeds and the mushrooms. These are potassium nutrient sponges, hence gather radioactive cesium in huge quantities.

In the human body, every living cell contains potassium receptor sites to carry on life processes, making us very vulnerable to Cesium bio-accumulation, especially in the heart tissues of the very young.

The creators of C-134 & C-137 have unleashed a horrible monster, that cannot be recalled. The monster rampages through the countryside, careening, injuring and killing those it encounters.

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