Friday, March 16, 2012

OECD: Air Pollution Likely to Kill More than Dirty Water

Air Pollution Will Become Bigger Global Killer Than Dirty Water

By Fiona Harvey, Guardian UK 16 March 12

[excerpted] "Urban air pollution is set to become the biggest environmental cause of premature death in the coming decades, overtaking even such mass killers as poor sanitation and a lack of clean drinking water, according to a new report.

Both developed and developing countries will be hit, and by 2050, there could be 3.6 million premature deaths a year from exposure to particulate matter, most of them in China and India. But rich countries will suffer worse effects from exposure to ground-level ozone, because of their ageing populations – older people are more susceptible....

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Majia here: The toxicity of air pollution cannot be under-estimated.

Recently studies linked urban air pollution with autism.

The Hidden Toll of Traffic Jams: Scientists Increasingly Link Vehicle Exhaust With Brain-Cell Damage, Higher Rates of Autism

Furthermore, the ingredients of urban air pollution are not fully understood because the EPA requirements for reporting emissions are incomplete

Once again, the data on pollution document the pressing need to find new ways forward that produce fewer environmental externalities.


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