Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nuclear Power is Not Cost Effective

Japan today TEPCO asks for Y1 tril in public funds in exchange for giving gov't 51% control

[excerpted] "The operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant on Thursday asked the Japanese government for a capital injection of 1 trillion yen in a bid to avoid insolvency.

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) officially requested the funds because it is in a “very serious financial condition,” President Toshio Nishizawa told a news conference.

The firm separately asked a state-backed entity for an additional 846 billion yen in financial aid to pay ballooning compensation bills to victims of the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant after last year’s earthquake-tsunami disaster...."

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  1. Just another reason to SHUT THEM DOWN

    Nuke makes no sense from an economic viewpoint.

    It costs around $15B to build a modern nuke plant, and takes about 10 years.

    Investors want a 10% or even 20% annual rate of return in general, maybe on something super safe and reliable they would be willing to receive 7%.

    But with nuke, picture that at year 5 you have the heavy infrastructure in place, much of the big money spent, say $10B,

    At that point investors would want at least $1B minimum a year, and yet you have to wait 5 more years to get anything........more here


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