Thursday, December 22, 2011

EPA Takes Step in Right Direction

EPA Orders Deep Cuts in Emissions. The Wall Street Journal 12/22/2011 p. B3.

The EPA is "moving ahead" with air quality rules that would require "deep cuts in emissions of mercury, acid gases and soot from coal-fired power plants..."

These new rules will cost "about $9.6 billion annually to implement but will provide substantially more in health benefits, including 100,000 fewer heart and asthma attacks..."

The photo for the story is of the coal plant near Lake Powell. I absolutely love swimming in Lake Powell's beautiful water and find the scenery there breathtaking.  However, the emissions from the plant made my eyes burn, my throat hurt, and my asthma act up. I really couldn't believe how bad the emissions were. 

I'm confident that the cuts-75% of mercury and 88% of hydrogen chloride--will reduce other health ailments, beyond asthma and heart attacks. 

No doubt birth defects and autism rates will decrease as well so long as plants are not given waivers and so long as some other major pollutants do not replace the coal-plant emissions.

Thank you EPA and the White House for not abandoning this legislation.

Next on the list for stepped-up regulation are fracking chemicals and nuclear plant emissions, particularly of tritium.

This is not just about "saving the environment," it is about saving us as a species.


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