Friday, December 9, 2011

Phoenix Was High at 500 CPM Again

Early this week Phoenix AZ was up to 500 CPM beta again (30 to 60 is normal and the EPA cautions emergency responders to take precautions at 300 CPM)

I thought levels were high because I had the terrible tightness in my chest again.

But when I looked at radnet for Phoenix the levels were not so high.

Later in the week the EPA updated its Phoenix chart and the chart showed that early this week levels were back up to 500 CPM

Why did they take 3 days to update their chart?

Then I viewed ichicax4's video and saw her trace the body of air that brought the radiation into Phoenix and other locations on the west part of the US. I recommend watching her short video:

Reno Rad Magnet 12.09.2011

My husband says I am our family's radiation detector. My asthma makes me a good barometer of levels that affect health subtly.

I was trained in the scientific method rather thoroughly. There is a very definite correlation between our radiation levels in Phoenix and my chest tightening. 

Capt. Clyd H. Stagner, who is expert in radiation monitoring, has informed me that ionizing radiation causes can cause asthmatic symptoms.

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