Friday, December 2, 2011

Alert: Something Unprecedented on Tepco Webcam

Tepco webcam stamp
12:03 starting around 1:50

Major distortion on screen. Waves of distortion. Lots of muted colors that are fogging up the screen, including red, yellow, pea-green, and blue. The entire screen was fogged up except for parts of unit 1 and the area immediately next to the webcam.

Massive distortion in wave form within the fog of colors.

Waves emanating outwards.
I've been watching for 25 minutes. It has not stopped.

I hope someone is taping this video.

Called my dad. We looked at it together.

Could it be the hydro-volcanic explosion the architect of unit 3 warned about--an eruption of radioactive steam?


  1. Use Jing to record a screencapture
    Wish i could have seen it.
    Could be part of corium hitting water table.

    After all TEPCO been fessing up a little, preparing people a little.

  2. Solution:
    Permanently found at my radiation conglomeration, lots of good info, not nicely organized, but a great resource, check it out.

    Bore 8 holes, 1 meter diameter and 6000 meters deep, 2 go by each reactor. Cross connect those 2 at every 100 meters, put a lid over the top, piled with 100 tons of large diameter rocks, like .5M, on a wire cage. Now side drill to the expected corium location and guide the corium in the shaft. the second shaft will serve as an
    expansion chamber for superheated air/steam should the corium contact water. The large gravel will serve as a deflection so we don't make a power shot of nuclear steam 1000's of meters into the atmosphere.

    Done deal. Hope that the corium doesn't come back up after mixing with volcanic magma.

    Send a radiation hardened video camera down one last time and take a video to show all current nuclear profession people what hell looks like.

    Backfill the holes with chopped up radioactive debris, fill the top 100 meters with soil and stones.


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