Thursday, December 8, 2011

Corporate Agenda

What follows was written by AGreenRoad of the website

Corporate agenda?

Take all of the profits, but transfer all of the risk to the public, meaning you and I.

Take all of the corporate welfare money from Public coffers, by calling it subsidies. Attack anyone else doing this for any other reason, like feeding the starving, housing the homeless, etc.

Transfer most of the public Treasury to finance privately profiting corporations by calling it wars, but label all other public programs ‘socialism’.

Keep all of the profits and pay no taxes. Then transfer all disaster costs onto the public; call it Superfund sites, or ‘too big to fail’, or whatever else works.

Keep ripping off the average person, until they die.

Divide and conquer the people. They end up fighting each other, while corporations keep on stealing everyone blind. 

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