Thursday, December 1, 2011

Using Doubt as a Propaganda Strategy

Using doubt as a strategy for undermining claims about risks to public health is a well established strategy.

Indeed, there are 3 relatively recent books that explore this strategy specifically

Doubt is Their Product by David Michaels

Merchants of Doubt by Oresekes and Conway

Bending Science by McGarity

Raising doubt about the effects of low-levels of ionizing radiation has been the number one strategy used by pro-nuclear government and industry scientists.

I am going to work on producing a list of what we know for certain about ionizing radiation and Fukushima. I will post this information incrementally. I'm rushing this morning so my first post on this subject will be later tonight.

In the meantime, readers might want to consider reading 
Dr. Ernest Sternglass' classic book "Secret Fallout" (download the book here: ).

Readers may also want to look at an epidemiological analysis of excess deaths conducted by a noted epidemiologist posted here

Finally, readers may want to look at Dr. John Gofman's work on low-level ionizing radiation found here

I will begin compiling what we know as facts as well as uncertainties later today or tomorrow.

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