Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Divine

I've never been a "religious" person.

That said, I think that the divine exists.

I believe the divine is embodied in the capacity to turn away from selfish pursuits.

I believe the divine is embodied in the capacity to recognize how our behavior and attitudes are so often debased by thoughtlessness, insecurities, and greed.

The divine involves mindful recognition of the amazing coincidence that is life.

The divine involves a turn toward the collective welfare of life on this planet, including the long-term welfare of human life.

The divine involves recognition of the precarious balance of competing forms of life.

The divine involves the willingness to cooperate for the sake of the long term welfare of our species and the biosphere, upon which we depend.

I think that just about every organized religion I've encountered - Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, paganism, etc. agree that our capacity to encounter the divine depends on our willingness to elevate our awareness by recognizing and reconciling our insecurities, anxieties, and selfishness.

Humanity has the individual and collective capacity to encounter the divine; I am confident of that.

Now is the time for humanity to strive toward the divine by acknowledging and responding to the incredible exigencies that threaten our biosphere and the very survival of our species....

It is not too late, yet; but, soon it will be.

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  1. I figure we have 10 years max, maybe less, maybe 2, to either win or lose it all.


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