Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fukushima Radiation in the U.S.

I have been following radnet data and the levels appear to be rising. Over the last ten days Phoenix has hit a high of 850 CPM beta and has bounced up and down to 500 CPM and yesterday 350 CPM.

I'm concerned that Fukushima is becoming hotter and hotter, and more and more out of control.

Yesterday, at Enenews, an anonymous commentator using the name Gmouse reported the following

"Hi folks,
First time posting. I’ve been running a Rados (rad-60) digital gamma/Xray dosimeter accumulation survey since the beginning, in San Diego Cal.

I’m a retired physics lab rat, class II fed rad worker cert. Worked in particle research, not electricity production.

It is 10:30am 12-10-2011. In the last 24 hrs. the “post FUKU new normal” .2-.3 mr per 24 hr. gamma accumulation has risen to 2.2 mr for the 24hr. period.
Heads up for personal countermeasures. We’re cooked!!

This is higher than the initial fallout wave in March. Be diligent , be careful, be strong. Unity on this site,likely the best info on the planet." [end quote]

Majia here: Using a conversion table, I converted his 2.2 millirem an hour to microsieverts an hour. The conversion result is 22 microsieverts an hour.

Annualized that would constitute an exposure of 193 millisieverts.
(22 X 24)365 then divided by 1000 = 192.72

For background on the significance of this level, see my posts here

San Diego has had much lower levels, according to radnet, than many other areas of the country.

The 192 millisieverts would simply reflect external exposure and would not include the contribution of internal emitters from contaminated water or food and would not include the contamination load each of us carries from a cumulative lifetime of exposure to natural and artificial ionizing radiation.

People need to wake up and start demanding that their federal and state officials increasing air, food, and water monitoring and disclosure.

As Harvey Wasserman states, Safe Radiation is a Lethal LIE

View Fatal Fallout by Dr. Gary Null

Read: Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for the People and the Environment



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