Thursday, February 18, 2010


Calculated Risk, the best web page I think of for data analysis, reports the following:

Weekly Unemployment Claims Up

Delinquencies Up

Hotel Revenue Down

Isn't it nice that the recession has ended?

Regarding today's intentional attack against IRS workers in Austin Texas. Read about it at Naked Capitalism

I worry. Mob violence rarely, across history, confronts and redresses the real sources of inequity and injustice. Too often, as with today's case, innocent individuals are harmed as the mob seeks victims against which to exercise its rage, while the responsible elites escape unharmed.

Yes the middle class is becoming enraged. One can only hope that a constructive movement emerges to channel their rage before all hell breaks lose....

Here is an interesting article to read on the decline of the middle cass at mybudget 360

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