Thursday, February 11, 2010

Food Inc

Laura Sevier interviews Robert Kenner, who produced Food Inc.

Kenner describes being sued by food producers who do not want the public to think about the conditions involved in producing food.

When asked what was the most shocking aspect of making the film, Kenner responds:

"There were two things. One was early on when we went to a hearing about whether to label cloned meat. A representative from the meat industry said it would be 'too confusing for the consumer'. I realised I had entered an Orwellian world where people are being 'protected' by not being told.

Then when I asked food safety advocate Barbara Kowalcyck what food she eats and she couldn't answer me or she'd be sued. I realised it was not a film about food: it was a film about rights. Seeing how food products now have more rights than individuals -that was more frightening than seeing how the food was produced...."

Kenner's interview and film raise serious questions about food safety. Dangerous food additives, such as arsenic, and heavy use of antibiotics are contaminating our food supply. Nearly all US corn has been contaminated by genetically modified corn and our food labeling laws do not require notification of genetically modified products, including meat!

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