Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holding My Breath

I feel like I'm holding my break. This period feels like a recess. The kids are out playing pretending that everything is ok in the classroom even though they know the building is in danger of collapsing,

Media attention, that fickle phenomenon, has turned to Greece and the Eurozone, ignoring the near bankruptcy of much bigger economies such as those of California, New York, New Jersey.

Meanwhile, more people default on their debt, lose their homes, lose their jobs, or have their hours cut.

Public employees across the nation are losing their jobs. Phoenix proposes a 2% tax on food to pay for firefighters and police officers. I think we need the former. Yet, regressive taxes such as food taxes hurt those barely making it on reduced incomes.

Today's articles posted at Global Research focus on the entrenchment of elites who are robbing the populace through bailouts and extortionary interest rates.

Where is Obama, that supposed Shining Knight?

Will events continue as they are--this slow deterioration of living standards for ever more of the populace through unemployment and structural adjustment (i.e., austerity) or can we expect events to reach a crescendo, resulting in a period of disorder and panic once again?

I read and read and find no answers. I am holding my breath...

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