Sunday, June 21, 2020

What's "Fake" About the Covid-19 Pandemic

There have been allegations that the covid-19 pandemic is a hoax and that the nature and provenance of the virus are suspect.

My personal opinion is that the virus itself is very real. Fraud and deception have infused the response rather than the thing itself - the virus.

In late December 2019, two health care workers in Wuhan, China notified officials of an emergent respiratory disease outbreak, Dr. Zhang Jixian, head of the respiratory department at a Hubei hospital and Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist, working in Wuhan (Li, 2020).

Dr Zhang Jixian was recognized by the Chinese government as first diagnosing and reporting cases to municipal health authorities on December 27, who subsequently contacted the World Health Organization December 31, 2020 (WHO, 2020).

In contrast, Dr. Li Wenliang was chastised by the government for alerting his professional colleagues of a new SARS-like disease using the social media site, WeChat, after making his official report (Kent, 2020).[i] Li Wenliang’s private chat was leaked and widely circulated, resulting in surging popular support in China for his perceived heroism in warning the public, but official condemnation for spreading rumors (Li, 2020).[ii]

After Li’s death, the, the hashtag #WeWantFreedomOfSpeech garnered nearly two million views on Weibo, while #WuhanGovernmentOwesDrLiAnApology had tens of thousands of views. The Chinese government responded with increased and “draconian” information control (Li, 2020).

Controlling the narrative is often seen as key for effective crisis communication and yet the uncertainty and dangerousness of crises amplify information sharing, sense-making, and whistle-blowing. 


The conditions in China occurring when the virus was sequenced were less than open. The Shanghai lab that first shared the virus sequence publicly was closed for "rectification."(iii)

The conclusions made about the virus phylogeny, traced to bat virus RaTG13 (found in 2013 but not previously published) have been challenged in a retracted study and anonymous posts, but there is no way for the public to know what is true given the requirements of specialized laboratory equipment to represent this incredibly small but potent hazard:
RaTG13 – the undeniable evidence that the Wuhan coronavirus is man-made. 
harvard2thebighouse March 19, 2020 China owns Nature magazine’s ass – Debunking “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2” claiming COVID-19 definitely wasn’t from a lab 
harvard2thebighouse ( March 23, 2020) No monkey ever reheated a frozen burrito” – What The Expanse tells us about the COVID-19 pandemic and serial passage gain-of-function research.

Viral provenance - including wet-market versus lab origins, timeline and intermediate animal, remains obscure at the time this post was written.

The information coming out of China alerting the rest of the world has been slow as the Chinese government resisted allowing the WHO into the country to investigate and destroyed early virus samples:
Ankel, Sophia (2020, May 16). China confirms US accusations that it destroyed early samples of the novel coronavirus, but says it was done for 'biosafety reasons'
I am deeply saddened to say that the information shared by the US government has also been less than complete and has been politicized, as illustrated by the absurd politicization of masks.


The mask illustrates everything wrong and fraudulent in the crisis management of this pandemic. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) offered contradictory advice about the utility of masks across spring 2020.

Perhaps the agency's intent was to conserve masks for health care workers and front-line workers. However, we have since learned that these critical workers had grossly insufficient protective equipment and that no national supply of masks were made available to the people who most needed them and whose work is critical to national infrastructures.

Its also possible the CDC knew that masks incoming from China were fraudulent as well:
A. Hufford (2020, June 18). "Chinese Mask Maker is Charged in the US." The Wall Street Journal, p. A7.  Charged for shipping masks with a "filtration efficiency of 22%, significantly worse than the 95% filtration required for N95 masks."
Many masks available for purchase in the spring of 2020 were fake. They promised protection they were incapable of delivering.


And then there is the matter of testing. Everything about the regime of testing has been contaminated with fakeness, beginning with allegations that early tests from China were contaminated with the virus.

Then the CDC majorly bungled its early test response, producing fake tests that promised valid and reliable results but could not deliver them:
Kaplan, S. (2020, April 18) C.D.C. Labs Were Contaminated, Delaying Coronavirus Testing, Officials Say. The New York Times. 
Sloppy laboratory practices at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention caused contamination that rendered the nation’s first coronavirus tests ineffective, federal officials confirmed on Saturday.

Two of the three C.D.C. laboratories in Atlanta that created the coronavirus test kits violated their own manufacturing standards, resulting in the agency sending tests that did not work to nearly all of the 100 state and local public health labs, according to the Food and Drug Administration.
It turns out that the foundational elements of the covid-19 test kits - the test tubes - came from a supplier called out by whistleblowers for routinely contaminating test tubes with dust and other contaminants as workers often labored without protective gear with fans keeping them cool in what were probably hot workplaces - See "Covid-19 Test-Tube Supplier Accused of Workplace Lapses" The Wall Street Journal, 6/19/2020 p. A7).

Contaminated test tubes are fraudulent. They are not what they claim to be.


And then there are the cases of data manipulation by the CDC and two southern states - namely Florida and Georgia. For example:
Gay, S., Stolberg, S, Kaplan, S., & Meryosh, S. (2020, May 22, updated May 23). CDC Test Counting Error Leaves Epidemiologists ‘really baffled’. The New York Times,

Anderson, Z. (2020, May 20) After scientist fired, Florida governor calls coronavirus data manipulation charge a 'nonissue’ Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Jarvie, Jenny (2020, May 23). Georgia reopened first. What the data show is a matter of fierce debate

One common tactic for data manipulation has involved inappropriately combined test results from two distinct types of testing - the testing for (1) the virus itself and (2) the antibody testing.

Since there may be redundancy across the populations tested using these two techniques, the total number of tests across them should not have been combined as the denominator for calculating mortality. But that was precisely what happened and is probably still happening.

The data for understanding the epidemiological consequences of this pandemic are infused with fraud.


And then there was the government policy response - the promise to protect displaced workers and small businesses and to aid education and other key infrastructure.

For all those economically impacted, this policy response has fallen well-short of expectations that were based on false promises.

What is FAKE about the covid-19 pandemic is the social response as it reflects failures to deliver on promised goods, services, and leadership essential for human security.

National preparedness was revealed to be a fraud.

Dr. Rick Bright was removed from his post as head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, allegedly after reporting to the Department of Health and Human Services the importance of investing in vaccine development and stocking up on supplies:
Ricardo Alonso Zaldivar Associated Press May 13, 2020Whistleblower: US could face virus rebound 'darkest winter’ Northwestern Georgia News.
WASHINGTON — America faces the “darkest winter in modern history” unless leaders act decisively to prevent a rebound of the coronavirus, says a government whistleblower who alleges he was ousted from his job after warning the Trump administration to prepare for the pandemic....

Immunologist Dr. Rick Bright makes his sobering prediction in testimony prepared for his appearance Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Aspects of his complaint about early administration handling of the crisis are expected to be backed up by testimony from an executive of a company that manufactures, respirator masks.

A federal watchdog agency has found “reasonable grounds” that Bright was removed from his post as head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority after sounding the alarm at the Department of Health and Human Services. Bright alleged he became a target of criticism when he urged early efforts to invest in vaccine development and stock up on supplies.

We live in a time of fraud when truth sayers are fired to hide alarming findings.


The US is still in its "first wave."

There are many experts concerned that a fall convergence of covid-19 infections with influenza A and B will present a public health crisis if not adequately planned for now. The food-supply-chain also remains at-risk, as reported recently by the Los Angeles Times.

Additionally, there remain great uncertainties about "recovery" and the possibility of either or both "re-activation" or "re-infection." Some people who contract covid-19 do not recover quickly, or at all, as 14 sailors from the USS Theodore Roosevelt reveal. These individuals may be especially vulnerable across time.

I still believe there is no fate but what we make and time is running out....


[i] Kent, C. (2020, April). From Covid-19 to SARS: what becomes of the whistleblowers? Pharmaceutical Technology,

[ii] Audrey Jiajia Li Published: 9:00am, 12 Feb, 2020 Updated: 4:39pm, 14 Feb, 2020. Coronavirus crisis: How the death of Li Wenliang, a doctor and ordinary citizen, sparked Chinese demands for freedom of speech. South China Morning Post

iii Zhuang Pinghui (28 Feb, 2020Updated: 2:48am, 29 Feb, 2020). Chinese laboratory that first shared coronavirus genome with world ordered to close for ‘rectification’, hindering its Covid-19 research . South china Morning Post,


  1. Thanks for your detailed information, personal insight and links. I was working with senior people. Two people have died from covid in that group. My younger relative was in the hospital from it. He is 49.
    I feel like so many people with asthma, copd, diabetes, heart disease, pr that are immune compromised are very vulnerable. 45 yo bro in law had covid like illness, that precipitated a lethal heart attack. So much stress, since January. Son in near fatal car wreck. I almost died. What a terrible time. Many people have been laid off and lost their jobs. Rents and housing out of whack for young people. If i had not kept close attention to your blog, I would not have made it.

    1. Frank Sowa
      NOTE - A door count placed the Trump rally officially placed crowd at 6,116. Of those, 2,837 were paid gig actors & 986 were Trump Campaign 2020, 532 were WH/Trump propaganda machine employees, 183 were plainclothes security meaning: 1,578 WERE TOTAL REAL ATTENDEES!


      Donald trump since its grossly incompetent handling of Covid and everything else

    2. To: ..June 21, 2020 at 2:38 PM

      So sorry to hear of your troubles. Wishing you and yours well.


      ‘"They Just Dumped Him Like Trash’: Nursing Homes Evict Vulnerable Residents
      Nursing homes across the country are kicking out old and disabled residents and sending them to homeless shelters and rundown motels.

      Lakeview Terrace, a nursing home in Los Angeles, evicted RC Kendrick, an 88-year-old man with dementia.
      Lakeview Terrace, a nursing home in Los Angeles, evicted RC Kendrick, an 88-year-old man with dementia.Credit...Andrew Cullen for The New York Times
      Share on FacebookPost on TwitterMail
      By Jessica Silver-Greenberg and Amy Julia Harris
      June 21, 2020
      On a chilly afternoon in April, Los Angeles police found an old, disoriented man crumpled on a Koreatown sidewalk.
      Several days earlier, RC Kendrick, an 88-year-old with dementia, was living at Lakeview Terrace, a nursing home with a history of regulatory problems. His family had placed him there to make sure he got round-the-clock care after his condition deteriorated and he began disappearing for days at a time.
      But on April 6, the nursing home deposited Mr. Kendrick at an unregulated boardinghouse — without bothering to inform his family. Less than 24 hours later, Mr. Kendrick was wandering the city alone."

  2. Fauci was presented as an expert. Turns out he was not that perspicacious. Or needed to protect various vested interests. As a nation we are very keen on vaccinations.

    Good vets do not vaccinate puppies until they are six months old to avoid interfering with immunity gained from mother. By the age of 2 humans are given as many as 42! Dogs fare better.

    Here is perhaps the best thing I have come across on pandemics and epidemics. "Jane Roberts - Seth On Pandemics and Viruses"

  3. When wild horses are pulling your carriage . . .

    Wasn't Herr Hitler the all time master of Identity Politics? Stalin's genius was creating non existent groups that needed to be purged. Why have Hitler and Stalin in an occult fashion become so popular at this time?

    Why not do an exchange with Hong Kong: ship the BLM and Antifa to Hong Kong and bring equal numbers of these high IQ pro American Hong Kong folk back to the USA. I am sure Xi can find something for these adventurous persons to do. Unfortunately Xi is not a very competent leader.

    But Xi has no doubt read Marx. Reading Marx is good for historians but that is about all. The idea that Marx really cared about the fate of the workers is one the most hilarious jokes of the 19th century.

    When wild horses are pulling your carriage . . . you might as well jump out and take your chances.

  4. Or Did George Floyd Die of a Drug Overdose?

    Are appearances deceiving? Can't watching a video on the Internet give me full access to the truth?

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  7. Great article free from the influence of identity politics revealing not incompetence and coincidence but collusion of all sides in creating the most chaotic conditions possible.

    1. It is beyond obvious, "They" were willing to kill 40,000 seniors in the worst way possible, dying alone, can breathe and actually lungs damaged by ventilators, and no family can even see cover their own crimes, and to try to get rid of patriots fighting to restore law and order to the USA (Trump et al).

    2. Your comment, on the other hand, is the essence of identity politics.

      Trump is trying to kill as many of you as possible and your "no mask" policy is both insane and completely selfish. The HIV virus is most likely spliced into the bioweapon.

      As for all of you so-called patriot Trump chumps, you are being set up for disarmament and FEMA camp incarceration enforced by your own fucking troops.

      You didn't mind them coming home, changing uniforms, and killing brown-skinned people here for no good reason, just like they did over there. Karma.

  8. Thanks for that great summary of disinformation around Covid-19.
    A good read, which explained much for me:
    Active Measures: The Secret History of Disinformation and Political Warfare by Thomas Rid.

    One state's weakness is another state's opportunity. Donald the First the Crazy is IMHO but the worst weakness America ever had. The Problem: America is (still) this world's hegemon. A weak hegemon invites other to play more rough...let's just hope for some sense in the American people to get this Crazy Imperator out of the Office.


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