Thursday, June 18, 2020

"2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking"

A song allegedly from 2013. Very prescient....


  1. Lyrics here:

  2. Do you think the pandemic is a precurser to societal breakdown?

  3. How can a society that bases itself on rules of law, not have consequence for killer cops, military bioterrorism and chemical and germ warfare and experiments carried out on it's own people and the nuclear omnicidists?

  4. Jeffrey St. Clair
    Roaming charges

    Police in Phoenix shot 212 people between 2011 and 2018, killing half of them. Not a single one of those officers was charged with a crime. By comparison Baltimore Police shot 83 people during the same time span, 32 fatally. Phoenix PD is about the same size as the BPD, and Phoenix has much lower crime rate. Officers in Phoenix shot 44 people in 2018 alone. Now, the city wants to add an additional $24 million to the department’s $745 million budget. (h/t to Justin Fenton for stats on Baltimore Police Dept.)

  5. Roaming Charges Jeffrey St. Clair

    "Just 20 percent of protests in Chicago over the killing of George Floyd were for looting-related crimes, new data shows, refuting earlier statements by the Chicago Police Department that “looting” accounted for the majority of arrests that weekend.

    + The city of Chicago spent more than $113 million on police misconduct lawsuits in 2018 alone.

    + A 2019 University of Chicago study found that police unionization increased violent incidents of misconduct by 40%.

    + NYPD budget: $16.4 million per day.

    + Average hours of training required to be a police officer:

    Finland 4500
    India 4500
    Germany 4000
    Australia 3500
    England 2250
    Canada 2100
    New Zealand 1924
    USA 672

    + Still it’s not how many hours cops in the US are trained, it’s what they’re trained to do in those hours by veterans of the IDF and the School of the Americas, such as: apply a chokehold, use a taser, deploy pepper spray, swing a truncheon, fire a tear gas canister, shoot “rubber” bullets, profile black drivers/joggers, place a drop gun.

    + Pelosi’s statement is outrageous, but it also reflects precisely who they are. The 1994 Crime Bill was the domestic equivalent of the Iraq War for black and brown America and the Clinton neoliberals (with an assist from Bernie Sanders) pushed it through with fewer regrets than Madeleine Albright expressed for supervising a murderous sanction regime that killed 500,000 Iraqi kids."


    Almost every violent act committed by police in the US is already illegal. Making these acts more illegal won’t change police behavior. Making these murderous acts public with body cam footage hasn’t changed police behavior. There are only 2 things which will: disarming & defunding the police.

    + NYPD had a chokehold ban in place (enacted in 1993) when NYPD cops choked Eric Garner to death.

    + Since the murder-by-cops of George Floyd, police across the US have killed at least 94 people, nearly 3 every day for a month (pretty close to the average over the last decade), according to databases maintained by the Washington Post and Killed by Police. Here are there names (if they’ve been identified)…

    05-15, 2020

    Roy Ogden, 65, M, White, SC
    An unidentified person, 42, M, CA
    Robert Avila, 31, M, Hispanic, CO
    Hunter Carlstrom, 33, M, MS

    05-16, 2020

    Robert Johnson, 29, M, Black, MD
    Wallace Dean Staples, 42, M, White GA
    Randy Roszell Lewis, 38, M, Black, TX

    05-17, 2020

    Juan M. Montalvo, 25, M, Hispanic, WA
    Brian Cooper, 49, M, Black, TN
    Bernard Ledlow, 39, M, White, LA

    05-18, 2020

    Robert Wayne Lawson, 64, M, White, AR
    Jacob Bubb, 28, M, White, WI

    05-19, 2020

    Levi Morse, 32, M, White, AL
    Wilbon Cleveland Woodard, 69, M, White, FL
    Tyler Hays, 29, M, White, TN
    An unidentified person, M, WA

    05-20, 2020

    An unidentified person, M, FL
    Tobby Wiggins, 45, M, Black, AL

    05-21, 2020

    Ryan Whitaker, 40, M, White, AZ
    Willie Lee Quarles, 60, M, Black, SC

    05-23, 2020

    Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal, 22, M, Hispanic, UT
    Maurice S. Gordon, 28, M, Black, NJ
    Christopher Clark, 36, M, NJ
    Gary Kevin Partin, 57, M, KY

    05-24, 2020

    Michael Snyder, 44, M, TN
    Anthony Grove, 52, M, W, MT

    05-25, 2020

    Gary P. Dorton, 43, M, TN
    Joe Louis Castillanos, 38, M, Hispanic, TX
    Dion Johnson, 28, M, Black, AZ
    Reymar Gagarin, 35, M, CA
    Justin Mink, 33, M, TX

    05-26, 2020

    Richard Councilman, M, White, CA
    Jason Jesse Gallegos, 37, M, White, MI
    Kenneth Bennett, 61, M, NY
    John Alvarado, 22, M, Hispanic, TX
    Tracy Drowne, 42, F, W, FL
    An unidentified person, M, CO
    Robert Avitia, 18, M, H, CA
    John Vik, 47, M, OH
    John Allen Dunaway, 61, M, FL

    1. 05-27, 2020

      Tony McDade, 38, M, Black, FL
      Joshua Blessed, 58, M, White, NY
      Rommel Mendoza, 50, M, Hispanic, CA
      Hector Hernandez, 31, M, Hispanic, CA
      Alexander Scott, 30, M, OK
      An unidentified person, M, AL
      Modesto Reyes, 35, M, Black, LA

      05-28, 2020

      John Benedict Coleman, 53, M, White, UT
      Steven Edward Ferguson, 31,M, W, CO
      An unidentified person, M, CA
      Ruben Smith, 35, M, Black, AR
      An unidentified person, M, OR

      05-29, 2020

      Heba Momtaz Al-Azhari, 22, F, FL
      An unidentified person, M, White, CA
      An unidentified person, 32, M, Asian, CA
      An unidentified person, M, PA
      Momodou Lamin Sisay, 39, M, Black, GA
      Jarvis Sullivan, 44, M, Black, FL

      05-30, 2020

      Derrick Thompson, 46, M, Black, FL

      05-31, 2020

      Israel Berry, 49, M, White, OR
      Thomas Sutherlin, 32, M, White, WI

      06-01, 2020

      David McAtee, 53, M, Black KY
      Jorge Gomez, 25, M, Hispanic, NV
      Ryan Emblem Moore, 36, M, White, AR

      06-02, 2020

      Robert James Lyon, 65, M, CA
      Sean Monterrosa, 22, M, Hispanic, CA
      Tyquarn Graves, 33, M, Black, NY

      06-03, 2020

      Mary Lawrence, 39, F, White, OK
      Gregory W. Hallback, 44, M, White, SC
      Eric A. Galvan, 25, M, Hispanic, TX
      Scott Anderson Hutton, 36, M, White, AR

      06-05, 2020

      Benjamin Ballard, 42, M, White, OK

      06-06, 2020

      Kamal Flowers, 24, M, Black, NY
      Erik Salgado, 22, M, Hispanic, CA
      Gregory Lee Turnure, 37, M, TN

      06-07, , 2020

      Jeffrey McClure, 26, M, NY
      Jarrid Hurst, 35, M, White, CA

      06-08, 2020

      Michael Seltzer, 81, M, NM

      06-09, 2020

      Marcus James Uribe, 31, M, CO
      Lewis Ruffin, 38, M, Black, FL

      06-10, 2020

      Jerry M. Bethel, 59, M, White, ID

      06-11, 2020

      Gregorio Cruz Vanloo, 28, M, Hispanic, TN
      Mason James Lira, 26, M, White, CA
      Michael Thomas, 62, M, Black, CA

      06-12, 2020

      Rayshard Brooks, 27, M, Black, GA
      Caine Van Pelt, 23, M, Black, IN

      06-13, 2020

      Hannah Fizer, 25, F, White, MO
      William Slyter, 22, M, White, MO
      An unidentified person, M, CA

      06-15, 2020

      Nicholas Hirsh, 31, M, W, KS

      06-16, 2020

      An unidentified person, 24, M, IL
      An unidentified person, 27, M AZ

      06-17, 2020

      Terron Boone, 24 , M, Black, CA


      Besides settiing up for a massimng nuke arms race and tactical nukes and proobable nuclear war trump has licensed reactors that should be shut. He has started unranium mining. He has deregulated nuclear reactor specs and supervision to the point of guarenteed nuclear catastrophe. He has not shorn up any reactors since fukushima.


    (Fascist) Park
    byAbby Zimet, Further columnist
    common dreams

    Turns out our esteemed leader's campaigning for re-election using Nazi concentration camp symbols marks the second recent time he's flaunted his long, coy dalliance with fascism. After he lurched through Lafayette Park to hold an upside-down Bible, he praised brutal attacks on peaceful protesters with the little-noted boast that the " agitators and anarchists were handled VERY easily by (the) D.C. Police & S.S. GREAT JOB!" Wait, great job by the S.S.? Yeah, nothing to see here.



    The American police are a terrorist entity whose job is to hobble the advancement of blacks through intimidation, harassment and murder. Death squads backed up by a racist criminal justice system. A few bad apples my eye.


    from nuclear bombs, uranium, nuclear reactors, nuclear waste, vast nuclear pollution. If any more reactors blow and or fuel burns that is it. Maybe three years left.

    From nuclear pyrophric wildfires, the whole juggernaut of nuclear pollution going on and expanding exponentially. The nuclear bombs, uranium, nuclear reactors, nuclear waste, massive nuclear pollution of the north hemisphere and whole planet. When reactors blow and or fuel burns, that is it. Many gone already. INL fire. Santa Susana. Brunswick. Maybe three years left. Fukushima is so ignored . The cascade of nuclear death to the planet is expanding extremely quickly in every direction


    1. Northern siberia has temperatures above 100 derees farenheit. Must be a combination of climate change and the huge amount of nuclear pollution in the arctic

    2. Every atom of a high energy-emitting, radionuclide can catalyze a billion exothermic reactions. Most Radionuclides are pyrophoric. High energy radioclides like cobalt 60 and cesium 137 cause heat decay. Alpha and beta emitters, massively destroy procariotic and eucariotic fungal organisms that help maintain microscopic and macroscopic thermal regulation of large swaths of the biosphere. How can anyone say that the massive pollution of the northern biosphere is not effecting the climate in place like the arctic?


    busby on covid

    1. The psychotc insideous slow-motion nucleWorld war three start during the Second world war and now it is at a critical stage.
      Insane trump and the nnsa, want to build, a second plutonium pit plant in sc. That is, with several thousand nuke bombs and a plutonium pit plant, already in existence in new mexico.
      The plutonium fires. The massive nuclear pollution. No place for the waste. Karen Silkwood style exections. Destruction and contamination of communities. Adults and children destined to get cancer, or be sick for the rest of their lives. Destroyed genome.
      The people in south carolina should read Kristen Iversen's Full Body Load.
      All of the worthless evil, insane politicians in dc and sc, should be required to read Kristen Iversen's, "Full Body Load". The criminal politicians should be forced the read passages of Full Body Load aloud, in congress and state houses.
      The evil nnsa bureaucrat- nucleoapes should be required to read Kristen Iversen's, "Full Body Load."
      The deluded, amoral, atomic bomb, scientists should be required to read Kristen Iversen's Full Body Load, before they specialize in nuclear bomb making. They should read it before they go work, in these evil portals of hell.
      The evil military nucleoapes, contracters, should be forced to read Kristen Iversens, Full Body Load. The plutonium laborers should be required to read Full Body Load or, have it provided before they go in and get the spectrums of illness and cancer from being there. At the very least , they should be screened with iversens documentary.

      Tom Cotton, the nasty fascist trump toadie, encouraged the insurection act be implemented on america . This evil monkey recently allocated funding for nuclear bomb teating to start again. He did it for the fascist trump. Trump and him should be forced to read helen caldicott, kate brown and kristen iversen. In trump and cottons case it should be read to them clockwork orange style.


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