Saturday, June 27, 2020

To Those Who Opened Pandora's Box: I Curse You. . . .

I have published and talked extensively about the catastrophic risks of so-called "innovative technology," most recently with nuclear.

The evidence is growing that the technological "innovators" have gone too far this time. They may have passed the rubicon.

I curse them for damning us all:
Julie Steenhuysen June 26, 2020 / 3:12 AM / Updated 3 hours ago ) Scientists just beginning to understand the many health problems caused by COVID-19. Reuters.
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Scientists are only starting to grasp the vast array of health problems caused by the novel coronavirus, some of which may have lingering effects on patients and health systems for years to come, according to doctors and infectious disease experts.

Besides the respiratory issues that leave patients gasping for breath, the virus that causes COVID-19 attacks many organ systems, in some cases causing catastrophic damage.

“We thought this was only a respiratory virus. Turns out, it goes after the pancreas. It goes after the heart. It goes after the liver, the brain, the kidney and other organs. We didn’t appreciate that in the beginning,” said Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, California....

I can only pray that we survive their utter disregard for catastrophic risk.

Ancient myths designed to warn humanity of the peril of its greed and disregard have lost traction in a world organized primarily by ego and extraction.


  1. “It’s just so sinister that the virus uses other mechanisms to infect other cells before it kills the cell,” Krogan said. Other researchers include scientists from Mt. Sinai in New York, Rocky Mountain Labs in Montana (where these electron microscopy images were made), the Pasteur Institute in Paris and the University of Freiburg in Germany.
    Excerpted from Melissa Healy (2020,June 26). Inside the body, the coronavirus is even more sinister than scientists had realized. LA Times. Retrieved from Yahoo

    1. It is well known that the usa develoved a novel hanta virus in the 70s . The first human deaths from it, started in new mexico in the 90s. The virus is now spread all over the world in mice and other rodents. The government has a lot of experience in studying these viruses. The way they can infect and be speead along with several other factors.


      brain complications from covid. psychosis dementia stroke


  3. another giant peril - completely banned on media around the world - super heavy monsoon rains across China are threatening scores of flood-risk-area nuke plants -


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