Saturday, June 2, 2018

Encroaching Neoconservative Totalitarianism

Today we face the crisis of NEOCONSERVATIVE FASCISM.

This crisis can be read through its myriad symptoms.

One symptom is the rise of xenophobic and authoritarian individuals and philosophies within our formal structures of government.

Today in The Wall Street Journal I read that the Anti-Defamation League and Muslim groups throughout the US are in strong opposition to a proposed aide for US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, a vehement neoconservative:
Don Nissenbaum (2108, June 2-3). Pick for Bolton Aide Draws Criticism. The Wall Street Journal, p. A4.

"As a conservative analyst, Mr. Fleitz has called for the US to declare war formally on a broadly defined global jihad movement; suggested that most mosques in the US are incubators for subversion or violence; and denounced some interfaith dialogue efforts in the US as a move by 'stealth jihadists' to undermine the country's democratic values"
In my book, Governmentality, Biopower, and Everyday Life (2008) I describe alignments and clashes between:
a) the neoliberal economic and political logic on the one hand
b) the neoconservative logic on the other hand
Although both logics of rule promote "free markets," the neoconservative logic lapses into fascism because of its romance with authoritarianism, its preference for older forms of sovereign force.

In my book, I describe how the ideology of Manifest Destiny inspired the American neoconservative imagination, shaping its foreign policy goals and strategies.

I warned that the combination of forceful government infused with xenophobic exceptionalism would result in the rise of fascism.

The appointment of John Bolton as America's National Security Advisor crystallized neoconservativism in US foreign policy. The appointment of Fleitz would take us further down this path.

It is a dangerous trajectory that will produce a totalitarian society and likely result in global annihilation of humanity (read the Left Behind Series for the most extreme road map)

Below find some excepts from my book (here):

Within the contemporary United States, Christian conservative, neoliberal, and neoconservative foreign-policy principles, practices, and problems of government  find legitimacy in appeals to racialized constructions of origins and the doctrine of Manifest Destiny.

In particularly, the precepts of America’s Manifest Destiny blend with Straussian political precepts in neoconservative approaches to domestic and foreign policy. 

As Norton (2004) argued in Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire, the Straussian-influenced neoconservative policy agenda has directly shaped U.S. intervention in the Middle East, engineering its policy toward Israel, and its efforts toward regime change in Afghanistan and Iraq (see also Drury, 1999; Postel, 2003).

Students of Strauss, such as Harvey Mansfield, instructed Francis Fukuyama and William Kristol, while another student, Joseph Cropsey, taught Paul Wolfowitz and Abram Shulsky (Norton, 2004). Within the academy, within conservative think tanks, and within the political apparatuses of the second Bush administration, these neoconservative thinkers and activists have endeavored to remake America and the world according to neoconservative and neoliberal principles of government (see Chapter 6).

Neoconservative governmentalities favor the use of military apparatuses to supplement market and philanthropic-based technologies of global government. In effect, neoconservatives favor reinvigorating older conceptions and practices of sovereignty.

Conservative Christians’ belief in “End Times” theology, as recently narrated in the Left Behind novels (see Standaert, 2006), has fostered support for neoconservative policy initiatives in the Middle East and unilateral support for Israel. The series, conceived by religious activist Tim LaHaye, sold over 70 million copies over the last decade (Standaert, 2006). 

Its paranoid depiction of a United Nations controlled by the forces of evil contributes to conservative Christians’ support for unilateral policy agendas and hostility toward secular approaches to global government.

Neoconservatives have cynically appealed to Christian conservative anxieties and paranoia when peddling policy initiatives….

….Totalitarianism and fascism take hold when populations organized around common articulations of national or racialized identity are mobilized by fear and anxiety. Yet, even while liberal rights are stripped, the liberal imagination cannot readily come to terms with creeping totalitarianism…..


  1. Worst of the worst totalitarian enforfoced poverty, homelessness, wage slavery, slavery no functilonal medical system, unlimited environmental degradation and pollution. Probably something worse coming

    1. Read some history. America is not Russia in 1917 or Venezuela presently. Imagine life in a Chinese or Russian Gulag. Read the Gulag Archipelago.

  2. The censorship has begun, through trump on the internet. sites slowed. Services cut. SITES LIKE CRAIGSLIST CENSORED. Extreme cronyism. Trillion dollar military budget.

    1. Trump is not the source of the censorship. Your research is flawed.

  3. Trump is a racist bastard. He purposely genocided 4600 americans, in puerto rico, while giving white texans 100 million for Maria.

    Trump is genociding palestinians. Trump had 37,000 elderly people, kicked out of nursing homes in louisiana.

    Trump is continueing the genocide of navajos, hopis, and havasupais. Those natives, were nevada open air atomic downwind-victims. They were also uranium radioactive-waste victims. Trump is genociding them again, by opening up uranium mining in the grand canyon.

    Trump is subsidizing old nuk reactors, that are ready to blow. That are spewing tritium dioxide into the areas around them.

    Trump is subsidizing coal plants that spew massive amounts of particulates, with radium and arsenic into the air.

    Trump is subsidizing fracking, which is further contaminating most of muricas water with radium.

    Trump has cut most taxes on the rich-rentier class, while 100 million americans starve, elderly ; children go without shelter. Little or no healthcare. Trump has a 1 trillion military budget with a shitload of nukes, in an age, when there should be none.

    Trump is a liar, and a general sack of of demented shit. Trumps bastard silaw got 1 billion from the saudis to bail him of a bad real estate deal in trade for billions in weapon and nuclear reactors.

    Trump got 500 million from the chinese, to line his pockets in the most egregious, treacherous, and worst case of personal bribery by a foreign govt, in american history.

    Trump is killing kids and adults in america, by deregulating poisons, chemicals, and radionuclides in food and water.

    Trump is in illegal wars yemen, afric afghanistan.

    Trump is intergering in nicaragua and has interfered in brazil. He is interfering in venezuela. There will propably be sanctions on iran and, war there soon that will kill millions.

    What will it take to dump trump, if it is possible before it is too late?

  4. I have not found the Anti-Defamation League or Muslim groups to be very trustworthy. I would include also the SPLC. "It is a dangerous trajectory that will produce a totalitarian society and likely result in global annihilation of humanity (read the Left Behind Series for the most extreme road map)." This seems very pessimistic. At the present time it seems to me that the Left has given up on facts and reason in favor of imagination.
    The Left has its own versions of Armageddon. In any case everything is presented in extreme terms. Hyperbole has been overworked generally.
    The past operates as a balancing agent.
    Here are some considerations. John Bolton is The Foil. A kind of anti-Falstaff. President Trump comes after 28 years and four pretty bad presidents. Obama lacked an important quality--he was not human. He acted like a very sophisticated robot. He was all appearance. Polished and empty. Trump is very human. California is America's utopia. Isn't it the Conservatives who are staunch defenders of the Bill Of Rights? Hate speech? Hate crimes? It is the Lefties who are after the First and Second Amendment and even the Fifth--Eric Holder's definition of due process!
    The wacky Christians do emphasize the virtues we all depend on like honesty, charity, forgiveness, kindness, etc. What virtues do Antifa or Maxine Waters promote? Or Bernie Sanders?

    Practicality is the best road. The Soviet Union was colossally impractical. Ultimately so was National Socialist Germany. And now the EU. If we lived in Europe xenophobia might seem a virtue. California strikes me as unusually impractical--consider the Orville Dam and CA's failure to complete its water plan to tide it over during drought. Decaying infra structure and a half million homeless people between
    SF and San Diego! Really!

  5. Too much truth. The resident, neoconservative, deep-state spook, fells compelled to spout propaganda, lies and divert, when there is too much truth. Thought police, american gestapo, cia, american intelligence. Goes straight with the, the book neoconservative cia narrative.
    Nobody cares about trump or obama, spook shill! Go back to your hole!


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