Friday, June 29, 2018

Mayor of Namie, Near Fukushima Daiichi, Dies at 69

Jiji  is reporting that the Mayor of Namie, near the ruined Fukushima daiichi plant, has died after hospitalization from an undisclosed illness:
Mayor of Namie, near shuttered Fukushima nuclear plant, dies at 69. JIJI, Mayor of Namie, near shuttered Fukushima nuclear plant, dies at 69 JIJI
Tamotsu Baba, mayor of Namie in Fukushima Prefecture, died at hospital in the city of Fukushima on Wednesday. He was 69.
First elected mayor of Namie in 2007, Baba was in his third term.... Baba spearheaded the town’s efforts to cope with the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, which badly affected the Tohoku region, and the subsequent nuclear accident at Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc.’s Fukushima No. 1 plant.
I searched for an account of death in the article but did not find one.

I could not find any reference to his passing at the Asahi Shimbun or Mainichi. No search results were displayed for his name.

I am sorry for his loss. I cannot help but wonder whether he died from an illness related to his exposure to Fukushima fallout.

I recall that the plant manager (Yoshida) also died after the accident, but of a form of cancer said to be unrelated to his exposure at the plant during his brave battle to contain three meltdowns and one spent fuel pool fire.


  1. He died of Stomach cancer. Stomach cancer is supposedly rare in Japan. Now people in Japan are dying from all sorts of, supposedly rare cancers there.

    1. There is little, if nothing, to stop the madness in america now. Fascism is here to stay. The courts are captured, the legislature. Nuclear waste shipments course through america on interstates. At least 60 or 70 reactors are to the point, where any one of them could fail. Trumps reaction, is to extend them, make them less safe, subsidize them, and cut-back, oversight on them. That is fascism. That is america.
      There are nuclear catastrophes going on at the St Louis Dump. In Lake Mead. At Hanford. At several reactors and waste sites. In our households, from the highly radioactive water we drink.

      There are 20 yo, 30yo, 40 and 50 yo reactors, that are leaking like a sieve, that are on the verge of melt downs, all over the United States. Fuel pools that could loose coolant and burn the most radioactive aubstances into to air for thousands of miles dispersal. Huge radioactive waste containers, blowing up in Idaho.

      Trumps answer is to not watch them at all. Allow the owners to monitor their safety. Even when people manifest acute radiation sickness, the fascists will lie.

      Will americans do anythhing about the grotesque nuclear hell both america and japan are in now. The despicable fascist govts that have taken over in this depressionary economy where 50% are impoverished and things are and will get worse under the current blatantly, fascist regime?

      Look at china: A totalitarian country where Every truckdriver in red china went on strike last week! The totalitarian government, in China did not crackdon on the truck drivers.  The Chinese Government  did the exact opposite. They sat down with thetruckers.Their demands are being met,
      efficently and pretty thuroughly because, the Chinese  have a dynamic economy. They have hope. 

      Things are so ugly, amoral and brutal in america now. A man like trump would be likely to call out the troops and call for a crackdown if there were a general truckers strike, in America now.  His ugly supporters would cheer it on 

      Americans are consumed by smart phones, computers, the internet, twitter.  They in the stranglehold of the bogus tech crapo social platforms. Completely distracted by  gaslighting mind-warped self indulgence and twitter trolls.  Even as everything around us is falling apart. Our livlihoods, our futures, our children’s future, our health, our environment

    2. Things do not look well.  This country, is held under a very tight vice grip of banality, poverty, insecurity and insanity right now.  Most people are too stupid and pretzle brainwashed to get it. There are multiple prongs to a few multifaceted propaganda machines , controled by EVER fewer puppetmasters.

      There is emerging, the very serious and real threat of a machine of terror.  People are not stirring to the bloody realities and horrors of this threat, in any real ways. 

      I do not hold any illusions about the motives of the fascists , after what happened this week. I could see it coming, when many were deluded into thinking trump, was anything other than a totalitarian psychopath.
      Concentration camps for children. Extremists calling for rightwing death squads to kill jornalists. Rightwing fascists, jingoists and nazis, calling for rallys and death squads to kill young people. To kill people on a much grander scale than charlottesville. If that happened it might be an ignition point.

      Rightwing deathsquads, massacering people in homeless camps,  may not do much to start demonstrations. It is because, so many americans,  have become amoral . They have become desensitized, to most of the brutal cruelty that is emerging in America. Uncaring, about the mass murder and bombing, carried out by our military, for some time in other parts of the empire and, the world.

      Only the more humanistic elements of this society seem to care, at this point. They are actively engaging others about it. They seem to be getting support in a plurality, outside of what is left of mainstream white society.
      Perhaps some grotequely, racially motivated atrocity could mobilize that group to the streets and, young people would follow

    3. During the sixties there were leaders like martin luther king to provide a template for protest and chenge. The young white people, had a very strong impetus to lay down in the cogs of the machine . To try and stop it, or slow it down. That is  because of the depredations of the senseless imperial war in Vietnam. 

      Although america is mostly controlled by whites now, the fascists are actively and brutally repressing and suppressing a very large, and  diverse part of the population. 

      The fascists have to play the ugliest race and bigotry cards possible. That is because, this is a depressionary economy where 40% or more, whites included, are in serious poverty. 

      The fascists are very good at manipulating the internet. Their blue dog coconspirators are very good at gaslighting the  more employed and comfortable in this society, with the mass media and celebrity. This may account for the amorality and desensitization of whites and and others, that are not rightly the ruling class. 

      The fake celebrity, the  three card monty games, the blue dog media and republican play on them, takes the spotlight, off the open brutality and corrupt evil that has now overtaken us. 

      Many able bodied people, who could take to the streets are in a fish bowl, where they think nothing will happen to them and the system will right itself

      At the same time, trump and the Republican wrecking crew,  are actively destroying everything most americans have cherished and held close to their hearts, for years. By killing off the last of endengered bison, bears, cats, wolverines here and in Alaska. By destroying all commons, public education, national parks, what is left of the middle class.

      They  are gutting their access to healthcare. Gutting social security. Gutting medicare. Gutting access to affordable housing to their children and the elderly. The elderly who are becoming homeless, are bowled over by the christofascist bullshit. When people do become homeless, they are neutralized. 

      The fascists gave trillions of tax cuts, to the billionaires and corporations. They are subsidizing, the absolute poisoning and polluting of our country.  Doing so with chemicals, coal plants , nuclear plants, trillions on crackpot spacewars farces and further massive military intrigues.

      This is a highly effective fascist machine rolling over america.

      Many able bodied young people are very concerned about health care. Especially if they have children. Maybe they will act soon. In protest. 

      Many americans that are  not doing so well, keeping their heads above water. These folks are so very brainwashed and, amoral at this point. They do not care about yemen. They do not care about the nuclear buildup. Do not care about losing their medicare and social security. They do not care abput the masees of homelessness in the streets. Many could care less, about the the evil of child concentration camps at the border. Even if right wing death squads do start murdering journalists.

    4. Horrifyingly accurate art from @FluorescentGrey led me to learn about “Q”. Y’all seen that crap yet? They’re painting Trump, his administration, and the NSA as heroes that will “save the world.” It’s insane to say that with a straight face.


  2. Another threat: Deserts in Asia – Destroyers of Civilization

  3. I am sorry for his loss, too, Majia. Baba really fought for his people. How many have suffered and died, and are suffering and dying, from radiation? We will never know. Thanks, also, Anonymous, for the update.

  4. Some things never change


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