Monday, June 4, 2018

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Patrick Cockburn (2018, June 4). The Faked Assassination of Arkady BabchenkoCounterpunch. Available:
The new cold war is accompanied by rising authoritarianism, as I've recently remarked. Rising authoritarianism is occurring globally, although certainly not homogeneously.

The thing about authoritarianism is that its reactive because control is its central organizing logic. 

So, with rising authoritarianism we are going to see more irrational reactivity by organizations and institutional assemblages infected by this ethos of government.

The faked assassination of Babchenko, as explained by Cockburn, illustrates this spurt of unreason driven by the reactive impulse for control.

The overt exercise of sovereign power will generate more over resistance, which will of course produce even more reactive responses by authoritarians.

What happens to neoliberalism when stripped of liberalism? Neo-mercantilism perhaps?


  1. It will not get that far in america. To neo-mercantilism, that is.  

    The world has reached its limit for tolerating US government debt. Countries like china and india, are beginning, to not finance it anymore.

    Trump is  outliving his usefulness to the corporate elite. The orgy of bloodlust, like murdering the remnants of endangered species : ie. hibernating bears, wolves, cougars

    Is quite insane.

    This, and the Puerto Rican genocide are seriously takings their toll, on the credibility of the corporate state.

    Leaving reactors on the verge of meltdown opened.

    Exposing people to the worst public health abuses

    Puting women and children, elderly disabled, workers in the streets in massive numbers

    Trump's plans to finance the coal and nuclear industry are  a further, very destructive and provocative invitation for the downfall.  It further excoriates the   credibility.  

    The economy is in a depression. It seems that US sanctions,  in iran also be part of a convenient excuse, for corporations, bank crooks and wall street crooks, to switch out of the US dollar for better currencies for corporations and that should scare the keck out of anyone who is not too beaten down or ruined to understand it.

    The fake veneer of trump, is coming undone rapidly. Hopefully the corporate-state will dump him quickly, before it is not too late.

    There are many possible wildcards of ecological and climate collapse in the shortern and longterm

  2. The EU certainly qualifies as authoritarian. And certainly the UK. But not the USA which is less that way now than it was.
    Now the way Dr Suzanne Humphreys has been treated since receiving grisly death threats in her home town of Austin has been rather police state. The Parkland School shooter and the FBI certainly worked well together. Dr Humphreys' mistake was to write a lengthy book on vaccinations over a three year period of time. And to suggest a casual connection between vaccinations and autism! Unlike in Europe you can express unpopular opinions and not get jailed. We have currently no Tommy Robinsons . . . it is still not a crime to speak out about grooming and raping under age girls.
    Frankly it is the left that is authoritarian. The universities have a terrible social atmosphere. PC. Mao Tse Tung made wonderful use of the idea. There are too many civil libertarians on the right to make it a hot bed of totalitarianism. How many university graduate students have read the Gulag Archipelago. Why not have a Communist Day in California? I find it very hard to grasp how someone who loved the Soviet Union could attract young people. Does no one read Dostoevsky these days? What about Camus? I expect university people to be more sophisticated, to quote the classics and make rational arguments that one can follow. But you will risk losing your job if you make sense!

  3. So says the cia intelligence agent. Proves how unfree america is. 200 billion a year spent on federal secret police. You have no credibility spook thing. Everyone knows what is going on. You cannot foce people to do things. People will only take being pushed to accept lies and diversions only so long. Its coming apart

  4. I challenge you Anonymous or Tar Baby as the case may be to give facts and reason a chance. You read like a bad version of Notes From The Underground which is very adult reading material.

  5. If the economy does, radically crash and things do deteriorate enough, it will probably be curtains. Some of the nerds and billionaires are prepping for that

    The 100 or so old nuclear reactors, and fuel pools will start blowing and catching fire about the time the geeks start going for their bunkers. No one or nothing to stop them.

    Real genetecists, medical doctors, evolutionart biologists have proven what will happen in laboratories since the 20s and, at major catastrophes like chernobyl and fukushima.

    A genetecist in the 20s, showed that when an environment has enough radionuclides 1. Sperm and ova become more non viable. 2. Severe heritable mutations breed a sprecies into extinction in 7 or eight generations.

    It was shown with fruit flies in the 20s, 40s and fifties. Mice were later used for similar experiments. . A rare butterfly was driven to extinction by fukushima, through heritable mutations after 10 generations.

    80 percents of the children in the chernobyl swath, in bellarus, have recesium markers for heart defects, in since 1987.

    Usually, sterility kills the species off, after the 2nd or third generation, if their are enough high beta and gamma emitters around, like cesium 137, cobolt 60, strontium 90, iridium, and all their cogeners and daughters, present. They last 300 years. There will be nough and more when reactor start blowing, and pools full of fuel rods start burning.

    The first gluts of radioactive thyroid, will be the the first punch.

    The other strong gamma and beta emitter radionuclides, will be the knock out punch.

    The environment, will be virtually saturated with ultra-lethal radionuclide poisons, that are super-mutagenic, super-carcinogenic, super- teratogenic and lethal in billionths of a gram, when biocummulated.

    Radionuclide pollution is a major contributing factor, to 75 percent of insects,being gone in the past 40 years..

    Dont listen to any nnsa, or nuclear propaganda. It has been going on too long!

  6. Romania - Rural Revival?

  7. The billionaires and nerds are prepping for the economy crashing but they will not survive the toxic flood of radioactive and chemical poison, after the crash

  8. 50 percent of the people are $400 away from being flat-out broke....
    Donald J. Trump
    In many ways this is the greatest economy in the HISTORY of America and the best time EVER to look for a job!

  9. Should we expect mass suicide events soon? With such a pessimistic view of the future the question why continue living and thereby adding to the toxicity might lead to the answer of time to check out. Since men are more successful at this action there would result an excess of women. That could lead to despair on the part of the survivor women? Tar Baby, what is the solution or is there one at this late date?

    1. What or who are you references as "tar baby"?

    2. Tar Baby comes from an Uncle Remus story. Uncle Remus Tells How B'rer Rabbit Was Too Smart For Mr. Fox. So a Tar Baby is anyone who is very sticky and with whom one can never hope to get anywhere with reason or facts. We all know such people. And one can get stuck in an endless "discussion" and have great trouble getting unstuck. So I apply it to Anonymous who may be one or legion. I have no idea how many Anonymous there are. Do you?
      As for B'rer Fox I would suggest the educational system as well as the person's family which or who failed to properly train the person and have left him or her stranded in irrationality and confusion. Though it has been years since I listened to the story I believe eventually that B'rer Rabbit gets B'rer Fox and B'rer Bear stuck and thereby finds a way to get himself unstuck. Certainly a favorite story of mine in childhood. What about you? Maybe we could see B'rer Bear as the main stream media and misleading counselors?

  10. "Since men are more successful at this action there would result an excess of women. That could lead to despair on the part of the survivor women? Tar Baby,"

    THAT IS A DISSEMLED RESPONSE. Lie. TAR baby, berating woen. More nasty misogony and racism. This is a good blog about the ongoing psychotic, nuclearist-destruction of living things, on earth. The crazy elite, and especially trump keep extracting super poisonous radioactive crud and, using it in large death machines and nuclear bombs. The nuclearists, will stop at nothing to shut off honest information about the politics, economics, science, and facts, of the very real catastrophes and death occuring from nuclear.

    Too bad.

    I will continue reading Majias blog. It is probably the best.


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