Wednesday, February 7, 2018

If you are wondering who's profiting from the stock market volatility

Wall Street financial firms have it made, reaping profits from all forms of market volatility, as observed in the mainstream press:
Colchester, Max, Strassburg, Jenny, and Hoffman, Liz (2018, February 7). For Bank Trading Desks, Wild Swings Bring Opportunity, B14.

"...the boost in trading revenue could generate hundreds of millions of dollars for banks if the market volatility continues through the quarter said Jonathan Wills, a London-based partner at Oliver Wyman, "Its going to be a good thing for sales and trading franchises."

The benefits the financial firms reap aren't simply from scalping the market with their high-frequency trading.

They also will benefit by selling volatility-related derivatives, which haven't been doing so well recently because of market stability.

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  1. More phoney memes and hype, as life on earth goes extinct. Wall street is totally disconnected from servers, who are paid 2 dollars an hour, and now cannot get tips. Ufos, ai, who gives a flipin crap. More disconnected memes, generated to justify psychopaths destroying things and maiming.


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