Monday, February 26, 2018

More Problems at Los Alamos

More problems at the problem-wracked Los Alamos Lab site:

Moss, Rebecca (2018, Feb 26). Federal Watchdog Identifies New Workplace Safety Problems at Los Alamos Lab. Propublica,

Los Alamos National Laboratory has failed to keep track of a toxic metal used in nuclear weapons production, potentially exposing workers to serious health consequences, a federal watchdog has found.

The New Mexico lab’s failure to adequately track beryllium — small amounts of which can cause lung disease and cancer — violates federal regulations put in place to prevent worker overexposure, according to a report last week from the Department of Energy’s inspector general.

In 2011, a fire at Los Alamos led to atmospheric detections of Plutonium, Cesium, and Americium in the air from the Los Alamos Fire:

The public was not notified at the time because the radiation levels did not exceed federal safety standards.


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  1. I worked at Los Alamos. Up on the butte. Espanola, satafe, and los alamos are a cnacer cluster. skin and lung cancer. Dogs only live 5 to 7 years there. America is a fucking joke. Our lifestyle is. Our perception of our radiation engulfed li and bloody lifestyle is.


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