Thursday, February 8, 2018

Dangerous Talk and the Sound of Silence

I've been studying censorship on the web after my blog ranking was reduced notably by Google's PageRank system, along with many other left leaning sites, such as CounterPunch, approximately halving my pageviews. See my posts here:
Apparently these new digital censors don't simply de-rank based on "fake news" content. The censors also code for "radical analysis," which is probably more dangerous in some people's minds than fake news. Apparently, my blog is guilty of radical analysis.

The web is saturated with radical analysis. But radical analysis has always been with us, as it follows the geography of power. Humanity has been inclined toward slavery since civilization, and perhaps before. The impulse toward enslavement or dispossession produces radical analysts.

Hence, the urge to squelch the scream of humanity is everywhere encoded, but grows in direct proportion to the energy of the mounting scream.


The other day in a faculty meeting we were told that the decision had been made not to go forward with an online forum dedicated to faculty discussion regarding self-governance issues (such as "bylaws" and curriculum) because faculty could not be trusted not to bully one another. 

I doubt this formalized rationale actually drove decision-making. The fear of uncontrolled communication no doubt generated decision-makers' angst.

I made a plea for civil discourse and left the meeting with a sense of utter defeat.

It is everywhere this impulse to control the flows of communication. Open communication is dangerous.

It is true that much of what is flowing across the internet today is distraught, outraged and angry, but that should point us to our failings and to our dispossessed.

Such a flow can never be censored or halted by brute force alone because repression will only strengthen its operations.

Rage usually tips over, shattering the sound of silence.


  1. Trumputin has appeased the Mercers, that they may rape america in the stock market and, provide nothing in return. All the oligarchs, the mercers, buffett, the kochs, bill gates, the zionists like adelson, the russianzionist billionairs, russian oligarchs:googles owners, mitsubishi, sanyo, hippocritical asses  like richard branson, putin who owns thechickenshit death nuclear machine called 
    Rosatom, they all have exhorbitant amounts of money invested in nuclear reactors, nuclear navys, nuclear weapons, and the far reaching merchants of death in all militarist-nuclearist coutries, with their bloated mics. They are the death cult. They have no intention of giving their investments up. They want them to grow. 

    Washington's latest Nuclear Posture Review imperils global security in three ways: it inflates perceived threats to the US, it conflates conventional and nuclear war and it pushes for the development of low-yield nuclear weapons.
    These three new moments in US policy increase the risk of nuclear war rather than lowering it, as American Defense Secretary James Mattis claimed in signing off on the Nuclear Posture Review published last week.

    Mattis states that the long-term goal of the US is the elimination of all nuclear weapons from the world -- but Washington has no intention of ever doing this. That's because US leaders never cease to view the world as a relentlessly threatening place, justifying a $1 trillion upgrade of the nation's nuclear arsenal.

    The NPR states: "This review comes at a critical moment in our nation's history, for America confronts an international security situation that is more complex and demanding than any since the end of the Cold War."

    Four specific threats are outlined: Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

    But what's perplexing is that so little credible detail is presented by the Pentagon to justify why it considers these four entities to be such dire threats, requiring greater US nuclear posturing.

    In regard to Russia and China, the NPR asserts (on page 6):"Since 2010 we have seen the return of Great Power competition. To varying degrees, Russia and China have made clear they seek to substantially revise the post-Cold War international order and norms of behavior."

  2. China now has half a million troops amassed on n koreas border

  3. Many countries upgrading nuclear arsenals.
    Countries that are heavily polluted, seem to be in midst of societal nervous breakdowns. France. No one happy. Drinking water Completely contaminated by tritium Plutonium, radium. Same for Ukraine. Japan really crazy. Hundreds of millions of muricans drinking radioactive-chemical water. Slow-motion
    Societal nervous-breakdowns. It could turn ugly quickly, at any time.

  4. Murica on the verge of a nervous breakdown


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