Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Fox at Fukushima

The Mainichi reports that a "Fox finds way into highly radioactive reactor building at Fukushima plant" http://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20151229/p2a/00m/0na/007000c
The fox is about 1.3 meters long, and appeared on-camera on the morning of Dec. 21. It spent 7 to 8 minutes walking around within view before disappearing. TEPCO staff do not know how the animal got into the reactor building, and there was no sign of the fox on any of the walking or driving routes at the plant. 

Majia here: I feel like there is a missing back-story. Perhaps the fox drew the short straw among the sentient animal people. Perhaps it is investigating for all the other creatures that KNOW something is very wrong at the site but have no way of understanding the scope of the problem the insane humans have created.

The fox has particular significance in Japanese cultural mythology, according to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitsune):
Kitsune (, キツネ?, IPA: [kitsu͍ne] is the Japanese word for fox. Foxes are a common subject of Japanese folklore; in English, kitsune refers to them in this context. Stories depict them as intelligent beings and as possessing magical abilities that increase with their age and wisdom. According to Yōkai folklore, all foxes have the ability to shape shift into men or women.[1] While some folktales speak of kitsune employing this ability to trick others—as foxes in folklore often do—other stories portray them as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives. Foxes and human beings lived close together in ancient Japan; this companionship gave rise to legends about the creatures. Kitsune have become closely associated with Inari, a Shinto kami or spirit, and serve as its messengers.

According to this account, the fox serves as a messenger for Inari, who (also according to Wiki) is the god of fertility, rice, tea, agriculture, industry, and prosperity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inari_%C5%8Ckami

Hence the tragic irony for the fox represents all that is at risk as a result of the human-engineered Fukushima crisis.

Perhaps the fox was sent by Inari to warn the people that all they hold dear is being threatened by the reactor.

I don't know what is true but I find it interesting that the fox was reported as untouched by the radiation levels in reactor 2, which reportedly are in places up to 10 sieverts an hour, a lethal dose.

December 21, when the fox was seen at reactor 2, was the day I saw a police car packed in the Futaba intersection.

December 21 was also the day I observed strange atmospheric effects at Daiichi, which caused one of the lights at the plant to appear unusually enlarged:

Here are more screenshots from December 21, when the fox was spotted:


  1. In Hinduism reincarnating as a fox was viewed as a punishment--I think I have come across this also in Zen tales.

  2. A reflection on some human nature: The Project for a New American Century. That must have sounded rather nice back in the 1990's. A new century. Maybe it meant something like this: universal health care, free higher education, a vast environmental cleaning project, eliminating dangerous herbicides and insecticides, renewed infra-structure, really better schools. new parks and gardens . . . in short a great place to have a family, to be a child or an old person . . .and even some genuine help for Latin America! But sorry. It needed a vast human sacrifice to get started -- a "new Pearl Harbor" like coincidently 9/11. Next some nations needed to be destroyed. And so on. Already this little project has run up a bill that will eventually approach 10 trillion dollars. Unfortunately the men who conceived this don't even look like us. They look like well fed and well dressed psychopaths or serial killers. The sort of men one keeps his kids away from. I think their visions was of a small group of elite men ruling over the world -- a world though in ruins. And I should mention the 1 trillion dollars that Obama says we need to renew our nuclear arsenal. Who does he mean by "our"? Shouldn't these people be institutionalized getting group therapy and may some drugs? If they really are psychopaths it will be in vain; but apparently sociopaths can benefit and become fairly human. In any case these are not the sort of people who should be making plans for us, the humans. Maybe they consider themselves Otherkin? Elias Cannetti writes about their type in his book Crowds And Power. They get off on seeing dead bodies and realizing that they are still alive . . .until it is just them surveying fields of dead men.
    Time to elect humans to higher offices.

  3. They are not leaders. they are parasites. people like richard perle, wolfoeitz, cheney, rumsfield had iraq carved up like a butchered cow many years before the kill was made. like circling vulures , now, some of the only birds one sees now except crows post fukushima they will succumb to the radiation. Check out this blast from the past. N antinuke rally in washington dc that got 160,000 turnout with only 3days notice. During carter. Schleshinger was the lying little pronuc neocon son of a bitch then. This is what vonnegut said about him.
    "Live in San Francisco? You Inhaled 75 MILLION Plutonium Atoms In Just 4 days"

    This sh#t is everywhere on the planet…SSDD, right?

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    FROM KURT VONNEGUT at nuclear rally 1979. The government officials who favor nuclear power and assure the country that it is safe are "ugly, little monkeys," Kurt Vonnegut said. "I hate them. They may think they are cute. They are not cute. They stink, " the author said. And their "stupid stinking, lies" will kill everything on this blue-green earth, he added.


  4. Unfortunately it is difficult to get over the utopian syndrome. 'Solitary, nasty, poor, brutish and short' according to Hobbes in nature; and not so much better in civilization. If our ideals get mixed up with everyday realities it can be painful. If you have today the basics be grateful. Obviously tomorrow is another unknown affair.

    1. Thanks william. Great insights. Always love reading your comments. Appreciate your erudition. Cannetti and Hobbes. Will have to look at Crowds and Power


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