Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fukushima Atmospheric Emissions Updates and a RANT about Nuclear Risk

Visible atmospheric emissions at Fukushima continue at an elevated level as compared to November 2015.

I don't know if the recent uptick in emissions is linked to the spike in cesium recently reported in NHK and the Asahi Shimbun because the articles do not indicate WHEN the spikes occurred (beyond 2015):
Radiation Spike in Fukushima Underground Ducts, NHK, December 10, 
"Tokyo Electric Power Company has detected 482,000 becquerels per liter of radioactive cesium in water samples taken from the tunnels on December 3rd. That’s 4000 times higher than data taken in December last year."
It is hard to know whether the increased level of cesium exclusively reflects continued degradation of melted fuel in contact with water coursing under the site or whether it also is indicative of ongoing nuclear (sub)criticalities.

The pulsing effect I noticed on the TBS cam this week is circumstantial evidence for the latter interpretation.

I received three Netc radiation alerts this week for California and Nevada. Was the source of the increased radiation Diablo Caynon NPP or was it Fukushima? Or, perhaps some other toxic DNA destroying source was at fault?

After learning that the NRC misrepresented the state of the spent fuel pools at Daiichi, at least as evidenced by the latest NRC disaster transcripts released, I conclude that we could experience radiation levels capable of producing death within 3 years and the NRC would still say "little-to-no risk."

If you think I'm over-reacting, please read the transcripts yourself and ask yourself how they could have concluded that children in North America would receive a trivial dose, below level of concern, from the atmospheric vaporization of the entire contents of spent fuel pool in unit 4, 25% of the "total fuel in unit 2", and 50% of the "spent fuel" from unit 3 with no word on the fuel in unit 1's reactor and pool, and no information about the fuel in reactor 3, nor the conditions at the common spent fuel pool. (see:

I want to know how even their select representation of fuel sources (above in red) could not result in a dose beyond the level of concern when spent fuel pool fires have been known for years to constitute the very worst radiological disaster? Spent fuel pool fires are described in the literature on nuclear risks as more radioactively contaminating than (conventional) nuclear weapons (although, who knows what the latest nuclear arsenal looks like).

I can feel my blood pressure rising and my writing turning to ranting because we have created risks that are catastrophic in implications, yet our so-called "leaders" in government and industry systematically under-represent risks and then, in the wake of ever-escalating crises, fail to change the very policies and extractive technologies that are producing mass extinctions that may eventually envelope us.

I have an evolving theory about collective, human insanity driven by the "will to power." I don't have time to unpack it all now, but I do think that our pulsations of collective madness are reaching a final crescendo.

In the west, massive and multi-modal assaults against the social body (that is, the global population) include the following:
Colonialism-Empire and rise of corporate power aligned with mercantile states
World War I
World War II 
Atmospheric testing Cold War
Chemical Assault with rise of chemical industries in food and industry
Neoliberal financial warfare and subjugation
World War III (alignments well known)
Global Ecocide (resulting from above)

I'm not sure which comes first, the social body's awareness of global ecocide or World War III since both are already underway.

Most of us did not choose this, would not choose this path. How can we change it?


  1. The Extinction Of Planet Earth --

    You and Paul Craig Roberts are striking the same note though from somewhat different directions. The above indicated article is one of the very best I have read in a long time. It quite accurately sums up the human condition at this time; and it is tragic to say the least.

    1. He has definitely been raising the warning signal. Do you think the neocons really believe they can wage limited nuclear war?

      Maybe they think that after Fukushima and everything else it doesn't matter how much more they add...

  2. Quite interesting facts about the University of Ciicago.  It is  home to father of the neo-liberal movement Milton Friedman. MF was the father of the neofacist economic movement called neoliberalism as Paul Craig Roberts and other point out. It was also the birthplace of the neo fascist NeoCon Leo Strauss  and Kristol neocon bastard Kristol and his son Bill Kristol.

    The University of Chicago was funded by the Rockefellers and The Ford Foundation. It was  home to the manhatten project. The place where the first nuclear reactor was built.

    As of Now all that radioactive sludge from the manhatten project with plutonium, thorium, radium uranium cesium and god knows what else is in the st louis landfill about to burn up. Sludge in the st louis dump is also there from many other early reactors in idaho . Close to a million tons.

    All that radioactive shit will burn and poison most of the people in the midwestern us. But who gives a fuck? Right? Who needs detroit, st louis, memphis, or shithole chicago, gary indiana . They are already floating on a layer of radioactive ooze anyway.  They are already drenched in fukushima fallout.

  3. All the syrian refugees , cambodian iraqi, ukrainian libyan, vietnamese immigrants and their children who came to the us to escape the ravages of neoliberalism and neoconservatism carried out by american imperialist in their countries that live in the mid-west will die insidious radioactive death. There are many Immigrant refugees living  in mid-west rust-belt shitholes.  Immigrants condemned to die insidious radioactive deaths from massive the upcoming st louis nuclear waste burn, fukushima, and other slow  imminant nuclear criminal catastrophes. We are dominated by blood thristy, demented, evil-monkeys and it is our fault for relying on centralized power grids.  For collecting pensions, dividends, and speculation moneys funded by  hedgefunds  vested in nuclear energy corporations,  military industrial complex corprations, and their contractors that have their fingers in every aspect of the american economy and wall street. Oh yes so many will say it is not our fault but, it is all of us's faults, mine too, for accepting the fairy tale lifestyle and delusion we call the american dream

  4. Im pretty sure Obama is a cia spook.  I am pretty sure Obammy did not go to Harvard, as his fake biography states. He did not go to harvard and his mom was straight up cia. The big lie in america is that anyone can be president. Total horseshit.

    Stuart bramhall and Paul Craig Roberts have some pretty convincing articles that provide strong evidence that obamyman is a true and trained spook who went to college of americas and did followup training at the neoliberal, neo conservative shit hole started by the rockefellers  and Ford Foundation, Aka The University of Chicago.

    The University of Chicago is where leo straus and the other neo-fascist political philosophers started .  Neo-fascist neoconservatives who were and are  the treacherous bastards responsible for the Vietnam, Iraq, Libya , Ukrainian, Timor and now Syian debacles. Bastards like kristol ie weekly standard, and wolfowitz bomb iraq, started The modern american neo-conservative movement.

    The battle axe, mutant, poser-Hillary clinton also went to the University of Chicago.

    Bill Ayers, from Chicago is the former weatherman brain.  Bill Ayers is  a cointelpro, boogiman spook and snitch used by the fbi to get 60s radicals in prison. Bill Ayers was showcased as a community activist, college teacher, educater,  with Obama during Obammys first election.

    Bill Ayers hatched  a plot to use germ bioterrorism to kill two million americans as leader of the weathermen in the sixties. Bill Ayers is from a very elite, well-to-do mid western family. Bill Ayers would have been put to death if he were not a spook or still be in prison.

    Bill Ayers did a short Prison stint and is now  a college teacher.  Bill Ayers was a supposed  community activist when Obama supposedly knew him. It was said during the first Obammy campaign that Bill Ayers worked with Obammy for progressive community action programs for people in chicago .  That is according to the planted fbi , cia script for Obammy. What a bunch of hokem and horse doo doo.

  5. Leuren Moret is a conspiracy fabulist and nsa spook. Jim stone is a former military intelligence officers now nsa spook trained to infiltrate and neutralize the antinuclear movement. Same for Dutchinsense. They use the same cointelpro tecniques the CIA and FBI have used for years.
    Using these techniques, and spreading them in controlled opposition and gatekeeper  echochambers  like Alex Jones,  Godlike productions, Moret the spook, Dutchsinse the spook, and Jim Stone the spook  allows the msm to say to the general public that fukushima is not as bad as it looks.All the msm and fake green pronuke devils have to say is that the fabulist antinuke and scheme frauds like  jim stone, leuren moret , dutch sense prove that all people railing on the grotesque catastrophe of fukushimas and its killing of the pacific, are nothing more than conspiracy nutcases. The spooks make joe and jane blow throw out the baby with the bath water as far as Fukushima and the continued involvement of the human species with the disaterous nuclear industry goes.

    Other spooks try to distract from the dangers of Fukushima with continued climate change and geoengineering bullshit. Some of it maybe valid but continued nuclear reactor explosions, nuclear waste, and fukushima events  are pointing humans to extinction.

    The spook echochambers are here to smear antinucs with fraudulent  conspiracy shit and distract with fraudulent conspiracy schemes. I am not saying that all political-criminal conspiracies are frauds by the way.  The purpose of the spooks and echo chambers  are to make Joe Blow want to throw the baby out with the bath water and assume fukushima is not so bad. Make no mistake about it folks Fukushima is a very real catastrophe. The worst ever. Fukushima combined with all the nuclear waste already in the environment  and more explosion- meltdowns point to an extinction event.


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