Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"We Must Not Get Emotional"

The Asahi Shimbun reports on the Pugwash Conference held in Nagasaki on Nov 3:
Fukushima in focus at Pugwash Conferences nuclear power debate, the Asahi Shimbun November 4, 2015, accessed November 4, 2015,

...The Pugwash Conferences were started by scientists in Canada in 1957 to discuss ways to abolish nuclear weapons. Since the 2011 Fukushima accident, participants in the international event have also discussed the dangers of the nonmilitary use of nuclear energy....

....But Ramamurti Rajaraman, an Indian physicist, argued for the promotion of nuclear energy. He said that its risks have to be compared with those of not possessing electricity.

An audience member also said that the energy source is necessary. “Atomic energy is helpful for (economic) growth of developing countries. Although there were accidents in Chernobyl, Three Mile (Island) and Fukushima, we must not get emotional,” the individual said.

Majia here: The audience member said, “we must not get emotional” in reaction to nuclear accidents, even when nuclear operators (e.g., TEPCO) are unable to locate the genotoxic reactor fuel using state-of-the-art technology, including muon scans.

We must not get emotional although thyroid cancer rates are inexplicably spiking among Fukushima’s children just as they did after Chenobyl.

We must not get emotional although the US and Japan, among other nations, have aging nuclear reactors located on active earthquake faults.

We must not get emotional. We must remain psychopathically detached from the trauma we wreck upon the earth and its inhabitants.

I must not think bad thoughts... I must not think bad thoughts... I must not think bad thoughts...


  1. Maybe thats why i like ya so much majia! I have been an xhead since 1983

  2. There are criminal conspiracies like what the mafia in naples italy did by dumping millions of tons of nuclear waste in Naples landfills. Like the nuclear industry here. Like cointelpro officers who are fence sitters and gatekeepers here as Hatrick Penry pointed out.

    The outlandish shit that is not really nuclear or that is thrown in to throw a monkey wrench in the nuclear debate like this :::: 

    What crap. Yet gullible and slightly off people get into it.

    Then there is the stuff leuren moret throws in. Like that some new haarp tech can push radioactive particles put of the atmosphere. That is despicable propaganda and an attempt to brainqash already pissed and confused people .

    We know about the cia hitmen and we antinukes see spooks all the time. They prey on the mentally ill and the gullible. They act antinuke then they pull their punches as dana has pointed out. dana is not perfect. i am not perfect. helen caldicott is not always perfect but she is right some humans are just evil brain eating bloodthirsty baby killers and torturers. people wanna know why. its because there are a lot of crazy feckers put there no rhyme or reason. i totally agree with obe stock helen you on this point. keep up the good work sir! you are a polymath and great scholar. Thanks majia!


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