Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Important Headlines

Putin: Downing of Russian jet over Syria stab in the back by terrorist accomplices. RT, 24 Nov, 2015 12:58, accessed 24 Nov, 2015, https://www.rt.com/news/323262-putin-downing-plane-syria/

Ukraine Nuclear Power Plants ‘Dangerously’ Without Power as Towers Feeding Eenrgy to Crimea Blow Up.” November 23, 2015, https://www.rt.com/news/323060-ukraine-nuclear-plants-danger/

Ivan Nechepurkeno and Neil MacFarquhar. As Sabotage Blacks Out Crimea, Tatars Prevent Repairs. the New York Times, November 23, 2015, accessed November 24, 2015, http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/24/world/europe/crimea-tatar-power-lines-ukraine.html?_r=0
MOSCOW — Crimean Tatar activists and Ukrainian nationalists on Monday prevented repair crews from restoring the main power lines in southern Ukraine that supply Crimea, leaving the disputed peninsula in the dark and Ukraine and Russia headed toward a standoff over the issue.

The power lines were knocked down by saboteurs on Sunday, forcing millions of residents to live without electricity.

The Tatar activists who blockaded the damaged site said they would thwart repairs until Russia released political prisoners and allowed international organizations to monitor human rights in Crimea. The activists say that the 300,000-member Tatar minority has faced systematic repression since Russia annexed the peninsula in March 2014


  1. We know there is going to be another major nuclear power plant breakdown; and I have thought for quite some time that Ukraine was the most likely place. The USA can take credit for this situation as well as the downed Russian warplane. Obviously Russia had no intention of attacking Turkey's territory. The Erdogen family is angry because Russia has been destroying the son's oil tanker trucks that have been taking stolen Syrian oil into Turkey and selling it to finance Islamic State's terrorism. Various Congress persons have wondered for some time how they were getting away with this-- turns out Obama had an aversion to stopping this for fear of harming civilians? Must be something about truckers as he had no problem ordering a hospital bombed in Afganistan or in killing civilians with drones in Pakistan! Just no accounting for taste when it comes to murder.
    I believe one of the Ukraine plants is the largest in Europe. Hope the Germans, French, Scandanavians. etc. don't mind another Chernobyl dusting which would probably take months to deal with given the gov in Kiev. When people say national leaders are crazy they are not exaggerating one bit. What is Merkel thinking about this situation? She has a PhD in quatum biology and should know what this could lead to and soon. Obviously the Tartars are imitating Black Lives Matter or American college students or some such group and realize how much publicity they can get by way laying a nuclear power complex. They can hold the whole planet hostage.

  2. Alawites like assad do the christian holiday in syria. American christians are told to hate him.

    The fundamentalist Christians make up 69,% of the american Republican war party. The republican american war party says that Assad has to be deposed, that he is a terrorist. He has done some mean ruthless things.

    The problem is outside interveeners have turned syria into an anarchic shithole as iraq, libya, ukraine, afganistan even egypt are. Every country the evil, bastard neocons that are in both politacal parties in the form of the clintons and all republicans, meddle now a continuous bloodbathed shithole called syria. Bullets and bombs to make the vampire squid richer.

    Those same vampyric neocons are still getting rich off the ill gotten gains of the murderous wars and conflicts the promote, arm, actively fund, propagandize about , and exploit.

    America is a radioactive shithole we are just in denial. Sure americans appera fat and happy but, the overall appearance is diluted by the sheer volume of the gluttony and self destruction. It is all ther for the people of the world to see.

    The United states is so bloody unstable and fake. Waht is being brushed under the rug is now turning into a mountain.

    A thousand people or more killed by cops last year. Millions of homeless people in a rotten phony economy. False flags. The threat og negative interest rates. Millions in prison and private prisons forced to do salve labor. Vampire squids like bill gates producing pandoras promise and sucking billions from us to finance his evil demented nightmares of nuclear energy and nuclear waste. 60 million americans living in dire poverty and the number growing every days with higher paying jobs hemmorhaging to china and india.

    Brute force hardcore lies and propaganda keeps the united states turning into an anarchic shithole like iraq or balkanized nightmare like the post soviet union but we are close to it.

    The constant denia and deuception lets us slide closer to it. Hundreds were killed in a similar bombing incident to the Paris bombing in beirut a day or so before the paris massacre, yet the press did not cover it.

    Are the people from Beiruts lives any less valuable than the Parisians?

    Japan like syria and iraq has been declared one of the most dangerous places in the world to visit. Japan has been declared verboten to tourists not because of violence, but because of radioactivity. Does any american seriously think it is any different here?
    There is wipp, there is the fuku fallout, there is the st louis municipal dump about to set fire to one of the largest nuclear nuclear waste dumps in the world right next to it. That same nuclear dump in st louis has been there for 60 years and has likely been accumulating more nuclear waste for 60 years total.
    The saint louis municipal dump and nuclear dump fire will create an inferno that will immediately impact 50 million people in the united statesaccording to expert estimates. That is on top of the constant fuku fallout. That is on top of the wipp meltdown and open air burning of tons of pmutonium in new mexico. That is on top of the nucler waste dumps in nevada that have been heating up and exploding and catching fire . That is on top of the huge layer of radioactive ooze the united sates is already floating on with tritium in every major drinking water source in every major city in the United States of America.

    That is on top of the next major meltdown or series of nuclear power plant meltdowns in the united states that is likely to occur or has already occured.

    Wake the fuck up americans. pull your heads out of your asses. give up the damnable denial.


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