Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 2 2015 Sonic Boom? Entire House Shook

Event happened around midnight.

Something just happened. The entire house shook twice. I called the police and they attributed it to an earthquake and said they were getting many calls. I am from California and I can tell you that was not like any earthquake I've ever experienced.

Something strange is afoot.


  1. This is a little ot but more concentrated isotopes like strontium and cesium can generate a lot of heat
    as evidences by the thousand or more rpg generators spread across russia kazakstan and siberia.

    It also means that a blob of concentrated isotopes in the pacific are probably generating heat. the new enenews article proves there are more fuku radioisoptopes than we can imagine.

  2. hi... you have a very super interesting blog... would like to know if you maintain a twitter / facebook profile that would be easy to share?

    1. Thanks Ron

      I'm not very active with social media but am trying to increase twitter and google activity when posting longer blog entries.

      I have a facebook entry but am notoriously bad at updating it.

      You can see my professional profile here:

      Although, keep in mind that I'm not representing the university in any way in my blog, which is a private enterprise.

    2. One more link. here is my academia edu profile, where I often upload presentations

  3. what state and city did it happen?

  4. what state and city did it happen?


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