Friday, September 5, 2014

Surrealism on the Fukushima Daiichi TBS Webcam

Yesterday I was watching the TBS webcam, which is purportedly live, when I saw a flock of crows fly directly towards the heavy emissions coming from unit 3 (or the common spent fuel pool as both seemed to be steaming heavily).

I watched intently, expecting the birds to fall from the sky. Some time back, ChasAha from Enenews captured a bird falling from the sky after flying too close to the steaming reactor buildings.

Instead, of falling from the sky, the TBS webstream suddenly RE-WOUND and the birds flew backwards as the purportedly "live" feed went backwards until the birds disappeared from view.

To repeat: The TBS cam feed was RE-WOUND.

We've known there was at least a 10 minute delay with the TBS cam feed as compared to the TEPCO cam feeds. It is now definitively clear that the TBS cam view is being EDITED to eliminate telling imagery.

The editors just were very sloppy yesterday.

Fukushima still steaming this morning: