Monday, September 22, 2014

Eaten by mosquitos

We have had so much rain that the desert is magnificent. It is lush with green foliage and yellow flowers. Each weekend I either hike or go to the lake with my family. We are enjoying the beautiful burst of growth, except for the mosquitos. Why couldn’t they have disappeared with the cockroaches?

The cockroaches, june bugs, and beetles haven’t made up for their population collapses in 2011. Crickets have survived better but are still in relatively small number. Bats were impacted but are still around, just in fewer numbers.

But the mosquitos are booming. And no-see-ums also. Ugh. I hate being eaten by insects. Arizona is usually relatively free of such annoyances but the very atypical rain we received this year has produced a bumper crop. Now they are going to spray for West Nile Virus. I read that tidbit buried in the local paper.

Chemicals upon radionuclides. Bioaccumulation and Biomagnification. I read an article on Chernobyl fallout that described its impacts as much exacerbated by the presence of pesticides.  I don’t have time to search for it right now so please leave a comment if you yearn to see it.

West Nile Virus is fatal for a tiny, tiny immunologically impaired segment of the population. I really have to wonder whether the added chemical burden from the toxic West Nile spray has a greater ADVERSE IMPACT on population vitality (mortality, reproduction, and increase in chronic disease) than posed by the disease itself. I recommend reading Beyond Pesticide’s take

Well, I’m going to go outside, watch the sunset, and breath in some air that I hope will not impair my health and welfare. I hope that readers can experience air free of toxins as well. But what I fear is that our regulatory agencies have become completely CAPTURED and that our air is becoming ever more toxic.

Breathe. Demand ecological validity in chemical and radionuclide testing, complete transparency and accountability.

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