Thursday, January 2, 2014

TBS Cam Was Up Today

The TBS cam was back up today. I don't know if its running an old loop. For the sake of my sanity I'm going to presume that today's feed was from today.

The good news is the DAIICHI plant does NOT appear to be burning or steaming any worse than it has in the past.

The bad news is I witnessed quite a  few camera glitches that might possibly have been flashes, followed by significantly increased pixilation. An hour later the pixilation was mostly gone, although heat waves could easily be seen coming up from the area of unit 3. Those heat waves are not new. They've been visible since 3/11.

I started watching about at 12:00 am Jan 3 (TEPCO cam time-stamp). Pixilation was high but it worsened significantly during dawn, when the flashes occurred about 6:11 (TEPCO time stamp):


color change was very rapid. I really think filters must be in use.