Sunday, January 26, 2014

Significant Atmospheric Emissions Fukushima Daiichi Site?

Periodically I issue alerts when I see significant atmospheric emissions on the TBS and/or TEPCO cams. Today I am issuing a 'watch' because I cannot determine whether webcam imagery is being distorted by atmospheric conditions.

This morning there appeared to be significant emissions at Daiich as viewed from the TBS cam, but these emissions were not highly visible on the TEPCO cam.

My first look at the TBS cam today:

The TEPCO cam was relatively sharp focused and did appear in any way clouded by emissions or precipitation:

On the TBS cam, plant became visible over next hour but emissions appeared thick and energetic for approximately 2 more hours. The never ceasing, upward stream of pixilated light that flows from the buildings was particularly energetic. This flow cannot be well represented with static screenshots..

Still no heavy emissions visible on TEPCO cam - although it is possible to see emissions coming from the common spent fuel pool:
Emissions subsequently worsened on the TBS cam, although still not visible on TEPCO cam

There are different interpretations for the disconnect in imagery. The most obvious explanation for the divergence is atmospheric conditions, which could be clouding the TBS view since the cam is miles away from the site.

Humidity is high today in Fukushima so that could be the explanation.

However, I'm a bit skeptical of this explanation because the TEPCO cam appears very clear and doesn't have the haziness (and spiderwebs) that accompanying rain and mist at the site.

Downwinders should take heed and monitor radiation readings carefully in their areas.