Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Evidence of Potential Censorship of Tepco Cam and Strange Anomalies

I have pretty good evidence of potential censorship of the TEPCO cam, which I watched for over 8 hours today while doing other work. (The TBS cam was black all day)

On the TEPCO cam, hot gasses could be seen streaming UP the front of the screen-all day. I realize weather conditions played a role in making those hot gasses more visible. However, today's effects cannot all be explained by weather conditions.

At one point a quick change in the image caught my eye. Look at these two shots carefully. They were taken 7 minutes apart. The shot immediately below was taken at 5:57

Note the black box on the bottom left hand side. That black box is usually not there. Compare with the shot below taken a few minutes earlier at 5:50:

Note also the strange light sources and reflections in this shot below, on the bottom of the screen. Also note the pink atmospheric effect.

The red splotch in the shot below is also odd