Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sparks and Gaseous Emissions from Unit 3

Unit 3 contained MOX fuel at the time of the explosion. It has been an ongoing concern because its so radioactive that work around it has been almost impossible.

That fact has been quite evident from the amazing phenomena that have emanated from that building, ranging from purple lightning to rainbow bars of color hanging over the building

Yesterday I noticed that the hot spot on top of unit 3 looked reddish in the daylight

Today it looks purplish and is throwing off a stream of emissions that moves toward the right

the distortion you see above and to the right of the purple was accompanied by sparks, which are hard to capture with screen shots.

The purple glow stick is back at the base of the red-and-white crane and I see fleeting red, purple, and green glow patches appearing and disappearing above the purple glow stick