Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Event at Daiichi

I just witnessed an 'event' at Daiichi that was clearly not normal. It reminded me of the warning by the architect of unit 3 at Daiichi that the melted corium could produce a hydrovolcanic eruption.

Within a two minute time interval I witnessed steam erupt from the ground near the base of unit 2. The billowing steam quickly engulfed the plant and then dissipated within a two minute time frame.

I've captured some screen shots. Again, these were taken within a two minute time frame.

It is interesting that there is a very active 'troll' at the Enenews webcam forum who strongly attacked my observations and those of other posters who witnessed the event.

Tepco must be concerned about public knowledge of these types of eruptive steam events.

In the first screen shot you can see the steam erupting to the immediate left of the strong light (now we know why the light was placed there)