Saturday, March 30, 2013

Daiichi Conditions Today

Today looks better than yesterday on the TBS cam.

More significant, intermittent steam releases continued yesterday; although yesterday (Fri) was better than Thur.

Today the conditions appear 'hot,' but more stable in the sense that I've not captured any steam releases.

Disclosure: I slept in late and haven't been watching the camera as long as I usually do.

Here is an image from yesterday that illustrates how the steam releases distort the view. The steam you see in this screen shot is not, in my opinion, 'fog' because it emerged and waned within a three minute time period:

In contrast, today looks a bit clearer, albeit heavy pixilation suggests rad counts remain very high and emission plumes can still be slightly detected from unit 3.

I'm hoping very much that Tepco was able to fix whatever recent problems have bedeviled the plant.

My gratitude goes out to the workers at the plant who are probably sacrificing their lives so that Japan's nuclear dominoes do not fall.

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