Thursday, March 7, 2013

NYT: 6,000 Page Senate Study is a "Sweeping Indictment" of CIA "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"

[Excerpted from NYT] "a sweeping indictment of its now-defunct interrogation program — a blistering, 6,000-page Senate study that includes incendiary accusations that agency officials for years systematically misled the White House, the Justice Department and Congress about the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding that were used on Qaeda prisoners.

By the account of people briefed on the report, it concludes that the program was ill-conceived, sloppily managed and far less useful in obtaining intelligence than its supporters have claimed. [end]

Majia here: The report started out as a bipartisan effort in 2009 but ended up mostly being prepared by Democratic committee staff. The staff reviewed 6 million documents from CIA files. The report, which is still classified, contains 35,000 footnotes. McCain of AZ is pushing for a de-classified version to be released to the public.

I cannot imagine how Brennan, now expected to lead the CIA, is going to fix its culture given he was the guy who engineered US drone policy. Expect more fascism coming your way....

cited in  Shane, S. (2013, March ) C.I.A.’s History Poses Hurdles for an Obama Nominee, The New York Times,

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