Thursday, March 28, 2013

Re-Visiting US Funded Death Squads in Latin America?

Honduras: A Culture of Impunity. Is the US State Department Misleading Congress about Possible US Funding for Honduran Death Squads. (2013, March 28). Al Jazeera,

[Excerpted] A new investigation has further highlighted the culture of impunity that exists within the Honduran police force.The Associated Press heard testimony that strongly suggests that people are being disappeared by roving groups of armed officers. There are claims that the US Congress may be funding these units…. [end]

Majia here: See interview at the link. Supporting death squads and fascists in Central America is nothing new for the US government.

In 2009 I posted posted concerns that US corporate interests were behind the overthrow of Honduras' then democratically elected government.

Friday, August 21, 2009

US Interests Behind Military Coup in Honduras?

John Perkins (author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) argues in a post at Global Research that Chiquita Brand (Formerly United Fruit) and Dole Fruit may have had an important role in the overthrow of Honduras' democratically elected President Zelaya.

Apparently the populist (but not leftist) Zelaya was proposing to increase the minimum wage. Chiquita and Dole protested the move, saying it would eat into their profits.

Honduras' low wages are notable, even in a region as poor as Central America.

United Fruit has a nasty history in Central America and the U.S. (CIA) role in instigating and funding military coups in Central and South America is exceedingly well documented.

The rise of populist and leftist leaders in Latin America is a direct result of the failures of U.S. neoliberal reforms that have impoverished population majorities.

It is deeply disturbing to hear that the US might again be instigating military coups in a region that has suffered greatly from our interference.

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