Tuesday, March 26, 2013

TBS Cam Looks Extra Hot Today, Colors Visible in Pixilation

Coloration in the pixilation (mostly green, blue, purple, and orange) is never a good thing.

I am VERY concerned about the deterioration of conditions at the plant. Last week Tepco announced that they had lost cooling on the fuel pools for units 1-4. On Wed they claimed the problem would be fixed sometime Thursday.

The fuel remaining in those pools will burn in an unapproachable nuclear fire if they are allowed to remain dry for several days.

Spent fuel pool fires at Daiichi may necessitate evacuation at Fukushima Daini and then Tokai. This is the scenario of falling nuclear dominoes ex-Prime Minister Kan described to Helen Caldicott's Fukushima Symposium in March 2013.

Humanity faces apocalyptic conditions should that occur.

I have to believe that Tepco is not working alone to secure the site and it is good to see new construction near unit 4, evident in the Tepco webcam screen shot below.

But the conditions visible today on the TBS cam are NOT good and appear worse than last Tue and Wed, when Tepco announced the cooling problem.