Monday, March 11, 2013

Prof Koide

Prof Koide said in his address:

10 million people in living in areas that are so contaminated that evacuations should occur

Cesium 137 released in explosions was 168 X Hiroshima

It is not clear whether that figure includes ONLY emissions from explosions

He addressed unit 4 separately. Says there were 548 assemblies in core and 1331 in spent fuel pool 4.

C137 in spent fuel pool = 10,000 Hiroshimas.

Koide says spent fuel in 4 is at the bottom of the pool and he is not sure if it can be removed.

Majia here: It has recently been reiterated that spfp 4 did go go dry so perhaps the fuel that Koide says is on the bottom of spfp 4 is MELTED.

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  1. I'd bet on it being melted, forming its own Corium "blob".

    Salute for doing what you are so good at!

    Here is one of my favorite sites about the San Onofre reactor debacle in California!
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