Monday, March 11, 2013

Press Conference with Navy Sailors

I'll have to post more on this later but the narratives provided by the sailors is sickening.

Case in point. The officers and pilots all received potassium iodide pills to prevent uptake of radioiodine but NONE of the enlisted people did.

One of the sailors stated his "body is falling apart" and he provided specific examples, I'll post on later.

The sailors were all required to sign a disclaimer saying they were healthy and would not hold the Navy responsible for any radiation exposure.

The sailor most impacted has discovered that all of his medical records are Missing, post- boot camp.

more later on this

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  1. Not surprising Majia. That ship, and all of it's support fleet presumably, went right through the cloud of whatever blew out of #3.

    How were they "required" to sign a disclaimer saying they were healthy and the Navy was not responsible for radiation exposure?

    You are never "required" to sign anything - if you sign something under duress, you are not signing it. Of course the Navy knows that 18-22 year old enlisted people know nothing of the law and aren't really concerned about their long-term health.

    I suspect the reason they had to give iodine pills to the officers and pilots (who are officers) is because they knew the truth about what was going on, and they demanded it. In order to prevent "panic" the enlisted men and women were not told the truth. Does that sound familiar?

    I'm sure the Navy could have easily gotten enough iodine pills on the ship for the entire crew in just a few hours - but that would have required them to admit that the radiation wasn't just trivial and they didn't want to admit it.

    This also proves that iodine stockpiles are unnecessary - they will never be used in a nuclear emergency, because a nuclear emergency will never be communicated - when it happens.



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