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Majia here: I've been reading The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick. The book is well documented and engagingly written.

I'm a fan of history so I am familiar with many of the major events recorded in this ambitious project. Still, the book offers many new insights with its surprising and often disturbing details, all of which are well documented.  

One of the most disturbing phenomena documented is the insanity surrounding chemical weapons production during World War I.

The book explains that asphyxiating and deleterious gases had been outlawed by the 1899 Hague Declaration. But, Germany first and then other nations, including France and the US, violated the declaration by creating highly toxic gasses during the war.

What I found particularly disturbing is the documentation of scientists' eager enthusiasm for producing deadly gases: "Scientists of all nations were eager to do their part to assist the war effort" p. 20

Colonel Willam H. Walker, who had been former chair of MIT's chemical engineering department, served as commanding officer of the proving grounds for the development/testing of chemical weapons. He was an enthusiastic proponent of these weapons.

The US planned on dropping one-ton mustard gas containers over German cities (see p. 22).

One tone of gas would purportedly kill every living thing within an acre or more.

England and the US were ready to use these WMDs but France balked, concerned about retaliation.

When the war ended without full deployment of these weapons, Walker stated "Somehow we had been cheated our prey."

Truly, there are sociopaths in science. Sociopaths are drawn to fields over which they have control and that afford a sense of power. Clearly, they were drawn to chemistry in the early twentieth century.

That does not mean that all chemists were sociopaths! Rather, the argument here is that sociopaths were drawn to this occupation and the occupational socialization reinforced and enabled sociopathy during the war.

Those in government waging this type of war and sabotaging resistance (which occurred with force during WWI) were equally guilty.

The same argument can be made about the sciences during World War II and the Cold War.

What kinds of people would inject plutonium and other radioisotopes into people in order to see what happened? What kinds of people would order these studies be conducted?

Children were sometimes the human subjects of these experiments. It makes me so sick I cannot say more.
In the 1970s the CIA attempted to destroy these records, as recently documented.

CIA 'destroyed files on radiation victims': The public may never know full details of secret experiments on Americans during the Cold War 

Patrick Cockburn Washington

[excerpted] The CIA has destroyed many of its files on radiation tests carried out on individuals so the full extent of the programme may never be known. The destruction of the records will hamper the task force set up by President Bill Clinton to investigate the secret radiation experiments which took place during the Cold War.

The studies on the effects of radiation were part of a programme carried out by the CIA between 1953 and 1967...

...the CIA destroyed a large part of its records in 1973'. Some tests were conducted without the consent of subjects, and some reportedly occurred as late as the 1970s....

...Diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic, Mr Allen's ravings were dismissed until last month the Department of Energy revealed that he was telling the exact truth. According to his medical records he was injected with plutonium - along with 17 others - by doctors in San Francisco on 18 July 1947, three days before his leg was amputated because of bone cancer. Doctors never told him the nature of the experiment....

...Experiments so far disclosed include tests on retarded teenagers at a school in Massachusetts who were given radioactive milk with their breakfast cereal, and pregnant women who took radiation pills to see what effect radioactive iron would have on the foetus. A scientist who injected seven baby boys in Memphis, Tennessee, with radioactive iodide said: 'Naturally, we hoped there was no damage.'...

...The experiments, almost without exception, involved using as guinea pigs people who, even if they were told what was happening to them, were not well placed to refuse to
co-operate with doctors...

read the entire article linked above

Truly, evil exists.



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