Thursday, January 31, 2013


On July 19, 2011 Fukushima citizens met with spokespeople for the Japanese Government. The meeting was recorded and posted on YouTube[i] In the video, a spokesperson for the people of Fukushima repeatedly asks, “As other people do, people in Fukushima have a right to avoid the radiation exposure and live a healthy life, too. Don’t you think so?” 
The government official, Akira Satoh, Director of the Local Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters, responds, “The government has tried to reduce the radiation exposure dose as much as it can.” 
The citizens’ spokesperson presses, “So, are you saying that they don’t? They have that right, don’t they?” 
The government official responds, “I don’t know if they have that right.” 
The spokesperson then queries, “Do you mean that there is a difference in the radiation exposure standards between Fukushima prefecture and other prefectures?” 
Mr. Satoh, the director, responds, “What I am saying is, the government has tried to reduce the radiation exposure dose as much as it can.”
The audience reacts, disgruntled by the evasiveness and their spokesperson again presses, “The government isn’t applying a different standard to people in Fukushima, is it?” 
Mr. Satoh concludes tersely, “I have already said all I could say.” The government officials then left amidst audience members crying out that they want their children’s urine tested for radioactivity. The audience demanded also to know why the Soviets were able to evacuate over 200,000 children within 2 weeks of the disaster yet Japan, a “free society,” fails to protect its citizenry. There were no answers from the departing officials.....

NOW we learned from an analysis conducted by EX-SKF that 

#Fukushima I Nuke Accident: TEPCO to Limit the Right to Claim Compensation to 3 Years After All


[i]           July 19 2011 meeting held by government officials with Fukushima citizens in Corasse Fukushima, Fukushima City uploaded to YouTube. The video is titled ‘Japanese Government Killing Its Own People in Fukushima’ (19 July 2011), YouTube (2011, July 19):, date accessed 25 July 2011.


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  1. Yep, the real brunt of the diseases and cancers will be in the 5 to 25 year time frame. So TEPCO can just dodge all those lawsuits with their gov sponsored get out of jail free card.


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