Friday, January 25, 2013

Common Spent Fuel Problems at Fukushima?

PattieB, a commentator at Enenews and here, recently opined that she believed there has been a fire in the common spent fuel pool around January 13.

The Tepco webcam has also been depicting significant radiation distortions recently. I posted screen shots from Jan 22 here

A Tepco report asserts that the common spent fuel pool contains 6291 assemblies (see report here).
Today a fire was reported by Tepco as occurring near the common spent fuel pool:

The TBS/JNN webcam imagery from Jan 26 (that is today in Japan) shows radiation distortions. See it here (hat tip Wotcha)
Here's a screenshot from a Tepco webcam clip also dated (Japan time) on Jan 26, available here . The "rogue cloud" as its been described comes out of nowhere (hat tip Pure water).

Elibi posted this day shot of the Tepco webcam that looks very strange (and I've been watching the cam for almost 2 years now). See it here.

I suspect that another cataclysm has happened at the plant. 

I just keep thinking about how much radiation must be released daily into the atmosphere and ocean.


  1. Majia,
    I wouldn't be surprised if the CSFP has burned, however I would be very angry if it did.

    One of the very first things they should have done was to get that fuel out of the area. It should have been priority #1. If it burned, that would be criminal.

    That said, I haven't seen any legitimate evidence that it has burned. PattieB's photo of canvas on the roof looks very much like snow on the roof to me - just like the other buildings around it.

    The Common Spent fuel building can be easily seen to the left of the tower in the tepcocam view - while reactor 4 building is on the right, with the reactor 3 building behind it. In the pictures I've viewed, I see no evidence that half the roof is gone. Certainly I could be wrong, I don't watch it closely anymore.

    As you know, I feel that PattieB's intention is to divert attention away from what is really happening. It's interesting, I find myself reacting to her claims in a similar fashion to the way people reacted to some of my claims of fire at various locations last year, so it's possible I'm wrong in this instance.


  2. Hi James

    I really have no idea of what to believe. On the one hand, Pattie's explanation accounts for the glowing blob in unit 4 in 2011, which eventually disappeared but i have screen shots of.

    On the other hand, a spent fuel pool fire should be detectable by geiger counters. I would think it would be causing alarm all over Japan.

    However, in the end I don't know what to believe.

    I guess only time will tell and maybe that time frame won't even be in our lifetime.

    She claims that about 3/5 of the inventory is gone.

    If that is true, perhaps we all are in trouble, but it would take time so we may never know.


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